Trying to sort out a reliable method for farming wooden chest skirmishes

Since wooden chest no longer drop in dungeons they are useless for gear farming, however we can all use more materials so those keys would be nice to use up on skirmishes if there is a good way about it. I’ve got a couple things that seem to yield wooden more often:

Make a gem match let first enemy hit you until armor is gone, kill and let second enemy hit you once before finishing the skirmish, seems 50/50 wooden or iron.

Let the first enemy take your health into the red pulse bar then finish the skirmish.

If anyone has a good method that works better or can explain how it works that would be great!

Chest drops are pure RNG dice rolls. Nothing a player does can affect the type of chest that drops mid-match.

Although the drop rate tables for Skirmish chests have been removed with the recent UI update, they were known a long time ago (Credit: Tacet).

To the best of my knowledge, these rates are still in effect for Skirmish chests.

It doesn’t seem that way. I have an infinite spell loop build that can turn zero run skirmishes… if I plow thru em I never get wooden, usually gold or better.

You have some sort of voodoo magic going then as wooden chests still drop at about the rate posted before.

Ya the more I’ve messed around with stuff, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just random xP