Two suggestions for the new spell Celestial Explosion for light paladins

So, I’ve been giving Celestial Explosion a spin

I’ve swapped out Sunburst for it

And I really like it, playing light paladin the other spells I use are Holy Avenger
,Protection From Evil and Divine Steed.

There are two things I wish could be changed to make it much funnier to play with this build without changing the spell power:

  • I wish Holy Avenger could treat Celestial Gems as Yellow gems and be able to explode them when used with shield gem(s) on the board because as it is, Celestial gems tends to replace the yellow ones and reduce Holy Avenger’s effectiveness a lot most of the time

  • I also wish that Celestial Explosion could no longer be able to explode the paladin’s shield gems when they’re next to a red gem that blows up from the explosion

That’s it, those 2 little changes would make it a 10x QoL improvement for me, I like the new spell but as it is it kinda breaks my build synergy but I’d like to keep using it so I’m curious to know if this could be considered by the team!

And also, thanks a lot for the spell pages drop rate changes and the compensations!


Just want to point out that the fact that celestial gems give yellow mana but aren’t yellow gems also works to your advantage. Its means the opponent can’t transform their color or color nuke the celestial gems either.

The Paladin shield gem interaction is unfortunate as the two don’t synergize well, but if I might make a suggestion, try running the blue spell Harpoon Shot. Harpoon shot is fantastic on a Paladin…It destroys a row and if you target a shield gem the shield gem destroys a column so its targeted destruction/mana gain. You also do damage with a chance to stun.

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