Unclear pre-registration procedure for forum registered gamers

My game is already updated to 1.01 and I am registered on community forum with my data.
It is unclear for me whether I have to pre-register additionaĺly or this creates an independant account and confusion.
So please add an clarifying explanation text on the pre-registration page.

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Thanks for the link. Didnt know it was updated.
But tbh, it doesnt answer my question concerning double respectively additional registration.

It kinda does (but also doesn’t because it really is a bit convoluted)… Basically the deal is that everyone gets the rewards whether you do the pre-registration stuff or not. Also the pre-reg stuff is not tied to your account.

Here is the most helpful short answer I have for you. If you don’t get it and are worried about it, ignore it all and you will still get the rewards. They are trying to generate buzz for launch. That’s what this is about. Joining the FB or wishlisting on steam etc etc. It puts the game in a better position for launch.

You do not have to do any of it to get the rewards. But if you do any of the thing various things it helps bump the rewards up. It also helps promote the launch… which is what this is all about. Again, though, not about your account at all. If you are confused about it, just don’t do it and you will the rewards.