Update 1.1 - The Mines of Khazdhul - Patch Notes

Hey @Lyrian

Thank you for letting us know about the Tangled Skulls spell, it shouldn’t have fire mastery. I’ve let the Dev Team know and they are getting that corrected.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


It also sorts to red filter as well.

Today, in completely trivial information that no one ever asked to know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know that Gems have a 2.1b cap (32-bit integer), I suppose.


What I bought in shop

What it looks like in battle

Loooooks totally the same right???


I dont know whats up with the grandma skirt. But i spent all those crystals to get that skin. Please fix :sob:

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@Cookie & @Isabel_Archer1 shared this with the team! :sparkles:

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Okay, I think I may have found the answer to my question. This is in Brie’s character introduction in the PQ3 website.

If the mods (or Sirrian) are reading this, feel free to confirm (or not, I’m not expecting any of you to get back on this; :sweat_smile: consider my original post as my thinking out loud–or yelling at the void, if you will, and these questions may be answered as the season story progresses)

PS: Just in case anyone’s wondering why I also mentioned Sirrian, Kafka got back to me in the in-game global chat and said this:

PPS: Wait, I just got new info on what they’re called (thanks, Roadmap news article)…

(Unless stated otherwise, I’ll assume that Ssarthi is for the lizard, and Beastfolk is for the cat.)

Small graphical glitch in the PvP layout UI:



Second digit in “11” is being cut off in the token display counter on the opponent pre-match setup screen.

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Graphic glitch:

When playing multiplayer with 3 or 4 party members, the enemy counter display can graphically glitch because of the large number of enemy opponents in the match.


Additional graphic glitch (purely visual, gameplay is correct),

When changing Hero characters who both have active Hunts, the Gear Score requirement of the Hunt for the first Hero carries over visually onto the Hunt of the second Hero.

In the above screenshot, a level 60 Hunt does not have a gear score requirement of 3013. Gameplay for the second character though is normal though, a purely visual glitch.

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@Lyrian grabbed all those graphical issue reports and sent them through to the team!

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