Update 1.2 - The Broken Tree

Based on feedback I have seen, yes but another voice to confirm would be good.

I just thought I’d share what we know so far about Kingdom Defense Stats and Silver/Gold Reward thresholds by Tier:

Since base damage attacks are the key to survivability until you get to the third spell, the base damage stat of each tier is extremely important. Currently, the Tier X boss has a base damage stat equivalent to ~Level 85 enemy from a Skirmish or Dungeon. Since resistance is pointless in Kingdom Defense, this means that anything you can do to increase Armor/Health/Melee Resist etc, will be key to getting in as many moves as you can under the three spell window. The Kingdom Boss is unsurprisingly an Elite, so Attributes like Mighty and Brave come into play.

Feedback note: IMO the Silver Reward threshold is too high and creates a haves/have nots situation in many guilds. I understand there are basic rewards for everyone, but so far we’ve seen that at least through this range, those that can do silver, often can do gold, so theres really not much differentiation here. What really stands out is how stratified it makes any kingdom between those who are still developing (and will not hit Silver for a long time in an active guild) and those that are more sufficiently geared. From a kingdom recruitment standpoint, it creates a very stratified and in my opinion uninviting atmosphere in the long run.


FYI, the bad gear attribute picking was not resolved in 1.2. I’ve received 100% useless attributes on two different Legendary gear ascensions since the update release. sigh

Tier XI appears at first glance to be absolutely ridiculous. Likely at least equivalent to a Level 100 opponent (or higher) based upon the massive leap in Silver/Gold requirements over Tier X. Doubtful any guild is clearing that one for quite a while.

Agreed. IMO, like almost every other system in the game, the kingdom defense system is punishing to players. The design is intentionally stratifying given the reward structure that has been presented. T3 relics are never available as kingdom defense rewards, creating a huge progression cliff that has to be overcome through other sources. T4 relics don’t start dropping at miniscule rates until Tier VII, Glyphs at Tier X, and follower crystals at Tier XI. Accounts generally have to be rather advanced to even reach those tiers and not get blown over by a sneeze from the Spirit Dragon.

The design also explicitly prevents guilds from carrying younger accounts in dragon battles to help them advance their accounts. If a player can’t reach at least the Silver reward, they aren’t getting anything above and beyond a small pat on the back and couple token gems for their effort each and every day.

Also agreed. How long, because of the inability for guilds to do anything to help younger accounts grow (can’t help them farm any meaningful numbers of relics/glyphs), until open recruitment requests start demanding 2k, 2.5k, and higher gear scores to not be dead weight on daily dragon runs and the low morale that results from that?


It’s all designed to keep people attached to the game. Get high level gear to participate meaningfully in high level kingdoms. Kingdom leaders are forced to make the decision to be a newbie friendly place and accomodate these newer players or force those lower players to less established kingdoms that may or may not be anywhere near as active or filled with dead accounts.

It’s a decision that does nothing to foster a helpful game environment and drives more powerful kingdoms into being elitist


Tier XII Rewards are almost identical to that of Tier XI so there’s not much value in that step of progression, just harder to qualify for the rewards.

(Superior Shard chance is 72.83%)

I continue to point out that the threshold for Silver rewards is much too high and forces many players in a 30 person kingdom to be effectively eliminated from qualifying against progressively harder challenges. Combine this with the lack of an overkill mode and you have an extremely tedious and frustrating effort by players to do less damage in an attack or use less attacks altogether to ensure more people in the kingdom can actually qualify for awards. This kills enthusiasm for the effort and punishes all players by creating an extremely narrow band of association for 30 kingdom members who must willingly micromanage their attempts over an 18 hour period to also not box out others.

Why do the developers keep making everything so unnecessarily complicated and unfun?


Speaking of Kingdom Rewards, we know that there were unannounced changes made to the Silver/Gold Reward tables because originally Major Relics were left off the rewards entirely and then they magically appeared at the same time as recent bug fixes with no CX comment.

Regardless, Tier rewards need to be revisited as it pertains to shards. This is the Tier VI rewards table currently:

Superior Shards should not be on here period. It doesnt even make sense. Greater Relics, Legendary Runes/scrolls and Superior Shards? This is a nonsensible association of progression materials. Please adjust these tables and make better rewards based on the progression of actual players.


Cross-posting here for visibility, as it is related to the Silver/Gold rewards…

Tier XVII Bazaar today:

I know that you can still have lower quality deals in higher quality Tiers but this is pretty ridiculous. Might want to check the “quality levels” of your bazaar randomization. Feels a bit off.

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Throwing in some positive feedback.

-The hellcat entrance animation is sick. It’s so badass.

-More gear space is appreciated. Definitely needed if each season is going to have new stuff.

-New kingdom stuff is (mostly) collaborative vs previous. The 22 hour clock for kingdom defense is also nice to rotate across players/world more evenly. I actually missed one when it was just the right off hour, and I’m like, oh is that what other people feel about daily reset limited stuff? Also, if leveled high enough, actually a non negligible source of rare resources, notably relics. Little more gem rewards is cool. Interesting new game mode with the limited turns. Bit more of a puzzle.

-The bazaar has provided access to more resources. It’s a nice, ooh, what’s going to show up today? (I don’t like the food follower being constantly full though)

-Seasonal kingdom leaderboard, while not very prominent or critical, is a neat occasion check in and see how crazy some folks are.

Conclusion: New system is a net benefit & cool. Thumbs up. Also, hellcat, sooo dope.


Eveline’s evolve screen still says that she will unlock the Mythic rarity for other followers when you evolve her to Mythic

So I plan to do a feedback post specifically about the Kingdom Defense format which brings up some of the same issues already mentioned here (lack of overkill mode, reward thresholds that box out too many players, punitive personal rewards for failing which is 50% of the time, etc.).

But I wanted to give this a special mention because of the extreme oversight involved:

Tier XI, Tier XII, and Tier XIII rewards are identical but with increasing thresholds to achieve them:

Due to the nature of the screenshots (unable to see all items and all %'s in one frame), heres a little table to summarize the results:

As you can see, the rewards are identical. The only difference is the amount of damage you have to do to get them. Perhaps they didn’t think anyone would get here?

@Jeto - I did not submit this is a bug since it’s working as “intended”. However, it would be nice to see some acknowledgement and prompt attention of this issue as it’s clearly an oversight on the part of the developers unless they think progression stops at Tier XI. Thanks.

EDIT: I’ve changed my mind:

EDIT: 7/25/2022:
Apparently Tier XIV has different award values which suggests that the repetition in the previous Tiers is indeed an error:


My biggest disappointment besides the half assed rewards implementation that Sibelios has thoroughly laid out is that running a kingdom has become extremely tedious.

Since the very first kingdom feedback thread on this forum, there’s still no way to see who is (or isn’t) contributing to the health of the bazaar. Also the way that showing relevant kingdom information is spread out over a sliding carousel instead of an easy to view reference is the DUMBEST thing I have seen implemented yet.

Is it so damn hard to just ask us how we would like information presented or are you guys enjoying killing us with this slow and painful torture?

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Hey all,
Grabbing a few different points here at once!

Eveline still displaying that she restricts other Followers’ rarity max has been reported, as mentioned she should not be restricting any levelling or rarity for your Followers now since 1.2 has been released.

Gold & Silver rewards per tiers are currently the intended rewards. With Kingdom Defense being a new game mode we have a review planned for how it has been received since launching, which will include the rewards given and feedback everyone in the community has been sharing!
This is also the case currently with the leaderboard, the rewards are being sent as soon as the Boss enemy is defeated by a player, but the leaderboard is still displaying your total score for all damage done.

I have passed on all feedback around Kingdom Defense Tier rewards, a high priority. As an example, the previously discussed suggestion of an “overkill mode” and rewards are sent after everyone has left the battle.

I’ll cross-post into the individual threads that have popped up, in case anyone wants to continue those discussions on those specific threads too.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Just in case this was missed since there was no “cross share”:

Sometimes, I have to just wonder just a little bit if a certain new story boss was specifically designed to counter a certain Shaman specifically and not just for purely thematic reasons…


Was distracted and went full hardcore derp today and bought sigils in the daily event instead of the 3-day event.

Sigil display is a bit broken, as it does not appear to be set up to understand players buying sigils in the daily event.

An expensive graphical glitch to find.


EDIT: Tagging @Jeto just in case this was missed as I buried this issue in this thread.

EDIT 2: An issue from the first Season has carried over to the second season.

Replays of the Season story in Hard (and presumably Elite as well) Mode do not grant boosted XP on the end-of-chapter dungeons.

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