Update 2.4 Patch Notes

The constant notification on the merchant now for the vault (the 1 in the blue circle) is just so obnoxious. Just having the blue gem in the background to show the vault is ready to claim is more than enough.

Yeah! This obnoxious 1 in the circle THAT WONT GO AWAY! is terrible, please fix it.

How full does it get?

Also with the Merchant Vault.
The popup with the 10 gems covers a very important piece of information from the score bonuses.
I play on steam, scrolling doesn’t help. I am not interested in the loot box anyway. :rage:

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Just a note with the Merchant, the Gem behind is just the new icon. It will always have a Gem behind them now, but I will pass on the perpetual (1) notification.

I have been playing on 2.4 for a little bit and honestly… had not noticed it myself.

Also passing on the score bonus - in your example @KerGiz the bottom ones greyed out are 0 (in this instance at least) and this board is scrollable. But passed on nonetheless!

Minor visual issue:

I think the Crown subscription or something similar broke the in-purchase Crown counter. After the purchase, the number of Crowns shown in the Tavern is correct.


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Maybe just have the gem lit up (colored blue) when the vault is active. And dark when its not purchasable/inactive. The initial one with the circle is fine, but once you’ve clicked on it, it should go away till the next time, not keep coming back as its doing at the moment.

Received another missing asset exception in today’s Event dungeons again.

EDIT: Probably for this new Event debuff:

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If you can fill it to max after unlocking it in the two day time limit after unlocking the Vault, 1000 Gems for 250 Crowns.

The good news with this glitch at least, is its not game breaking. Message pops up but you can X (on ps4 anyway) right past it and continue as normal. Probably have to put up with it till the next patch I suspect.

Eveline is suffering from a slight stuttering curse in her new Booster description.

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A fix for the Daily Dungeon error should be going out within 24 hours.

Thanks @Jeto .
But I don’t want it scrollable, I prefer it visible from top to bottom.
I play in a resized window, say the left half of my laptop screen (the other half is for videos), and it is VERY comfortable to see this in whole. The standard screen size makes it way bigger and scrollable, but it is useful to see the whole piece at a glance.
Scrolling is a nuisance with the chests, too, and there were talk in the forum earlier about condensing the chest opening screen too. Any chance that it will happen?

I think the update improved the game and until the PvP masters discover some flaws, everyone is happy. The game seems more agile and I think whoever has been working on this deserves a thank you. So: Thank You !
Everything would be fine if there weren’t always people who enjoy teasing and trying to hurt other people’s sensibilities. I’m not even a Christian but I find it very unpleasant that a player comes to the chat and makes jokes about something that for many is sacred and nothing is done to put an end to it. If next comes someone joking with figures from other religions or with politics or the war in Ukraine, is that also allowed? The fact that most Christians are tolerant does not mean that they can be disrespected by someone who obviously enjoys trying to bother others. I ask for your attention to this.

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Thanks @Jonas for sharing this feedback, I will pass this on to the team.

In regards to chat feedback (for everyone) if you ever feel uncomfortable in chat, don’t hesitate to reach out via a Support ticket or report players directly in chat through their profile - especially if someone is going against our Community Guidelines.
No one should feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in chat. :sparkles:

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I agree with Jonas, the game keeps improving update after update. About the PvPs, here are my thoughts:

  • Rematch: brilliant idea, only being able to get a top score once against an opponent was a bit problematic, I believe this is a great solution.

  • New goals pros: the new goals have made scoring much more challenging and, at least for me, entertaining. Furthermore, I would say these goals further reward skill, planning and loadout making, which I believe should be more important that just gear and citadel level. These new goals have made PvPs feeling even more competitive for me.

  • New goals “cons” 1: the time investment needed for trying to get a “perfect” score is really high. Not that much of an issue in my opinion, since I believe that if you want to get a good leaderboard position you need to make an effort. Also, you don’t need to play all your PvP battles at full for getting your scores, just focus on getting your top 10 and then you can forget about the rest or battle them fast to gather honor. However, this is something that may discourage players from competing and can lead to a loss of motivation to play PvPs, so it would be a good idea to keep it in mind.

  • New goals “cons” 2: a mate said the following: “I can say that it’s not really PvP any more. Ironically, it is more puzzle-questy now.”. I guess this is more of a subjective feeling, but it is true that the new goals make the PvPs feel less PvPs, since your goal seems to be NOT to kill the opponent while you complete all your goals, feeling more like a puzzle minigame. Still, you do get the felling of facing other player’s characters which will try to disrupt you (often successfully) and of competing with them for points. So again, not much of an issue in my opinion but interesting to have in mind.

  • Being in the “strength” top 10 issue: the issue of not being able to face oneself, therefore making being one of the “strongest” 10 a disadvantage is still there. I am not really sure how this could be fixed, since allowing to battle oneself could lead to score manipulation. However, this is clearly unfair and can lead to some silly scenarios where everyone has to lower their gear level to avoid being in that top 10.

  • Out-of-tourney matchup lottery: being able to face out-of-tourney opponents brings a lot of chaos to the PvP system, and it has shown to be clearly unfair. Players playing just after the reset will have more probabilities of getting high score opponents that will then disappear for the rest of players. It did happened last week, for example: those playing early in Open were able to score against the previous week character of a top player who then submitted a lower score character for that week. That meant that those of us that are unlucky enough to have reset at a time we cannot play were unable to compete for the top place. Another example this week: I am second in Elite even though I have a higher bonus % in all my battles than the first player. But they were able to get a big opponent from other league, so… Again, I don’t really know how this could be fixed without creating new (and potentially worse issues), but it is really annoying since it prevents players from competing in equal conditions.

In summary, I like the current PvPs and I believe they keep improving update after update, although there are still issues to be addressed and improvements to be made. The increased time investment is specially hard on me, but I guess that is the price to pay for playing to get a good position (and reward).

Good work, and thank you for all your efforts.


As Jeto said, don’t hesitate to report those players with inappropiate chatting. Our community is a great one, the global chat being a nice place to hang out, chat a bit, get questions answered, laugh with light jokes… If we want to keep it clean and nice it is our duty to report whoever tries to break the great atmosphere. I usually try to see the best in everyone and I like to solve the problem through other ways, but even I have seen it necessary to report several players that were negatively affecting the chat and didn’t want to stop. The good news is that after the report, the issue has always been solved really fast so the system works.

In the case you are speaking about, not only can it be unpleasant for Christian players, it is also uncomfortable for the rest of us since they are clearly spamming the chat in search of attention. I have waited a bit to see if they stopped the nonsense, but they have kept doing it so I reported them a couple of hours ago. I hope they can learn to interact in a less unpleasant way.

I reported the matter directly in the chat before bringing the issue here, I also addressed the player in the chat explaining that he was being inconvenient. It’s more unpleasant for me to share a space with someone who obviously enjoys trying to hurt others than anything offensive directed at me. I didn’t want to say anything in the game chat so as not to make the atmosphere even worse, but I couldn’t help but think about the people and even the children who were maliciously attacked. I know there will always be people trying to leave the world worse than they found it but as Bob Marley would say “Evil only triumphs if good men do nothing”

I’m not especially good, I’m just selfishly concerned with keeping something fun that is giving me pleasure! :innocent:

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Yeah… no. PvP is even more broken that it is before.

On top of the all of the exhaustive issues plaguing PvP that have been discussed above by multiple players, above, my prediction came true.

PvP is now singularly defined by the capacity of a given class to flood the board with their classes’ gem color. While Restricted and Elite tourneys place everyone on a level playing field in that regard, Open very clearly shows rankings categoried by how well each class can achieve safe stun rows every turn. So, if you are a Purple primary using class, then congratulations, you just won the meta shift and will always place easily on top of the leaderboard over every other class that cannot effectively use Purple (points directly at Night Set perks)

Then, that leads to silly logical extensions such as trying to minimize accidental Skull skyfall damage to avoid accidentally defeating the opponent via Skulls prematurely, before obtaining that new +70% bonus leaderboard benchmark. leading to oddball weapon choices such as these few examples on the top of the Open leaderboard:

The current spell system further enables this style of gameplay, also discussed to death.

I don’t know to even begin to address this mess, outside of potentially suggesting throwing out of all the systems and reworking all of the systems all over again. :pensive:

Then again… wasn’t multiple system reworks mentioned for the future (at least Spell and Follower reworks in 2.5)? Maybe the devs have already planned to reset everything again in the near-ish future as the only way to fix the multitude of broken systems everywhere in the game? :thinking:

I agree with everything @Lyrian has stated here.

I hope that a spell rework will address all or most of these issues. It is very hard to balance PvP and PvE, and this is the case for almost every game I have played. Turning PvP into a goal-based event does actually allow them to separate the two modes. I am now using plenty of dusty pieces of equipment for the new PvP rule set.

The level 1 weapon issue is pretty goofy, but I don’t see that going away if we need to play out 10+ turns per fight.