Update 2.5 Patch Notes (+2.5.1 fixes)

Posting here for everyone to check - RE: @Thalinae and others asking about their Gear score changing since 2.5

TLDR; Your Gear score is a visual representation of your hero, it’s decreasing as we have removed Spell levels, so they are no longer included in this calculation. It does not mean your hero is weaker.

The Gear score in 2.4 collated all your gear and spells into a visual score, this is used as a measure of progress and a comparator for judging battles against an enemy to see how difficult a battle might be.

As we have removed Spell levels from the game, this will reflect in your gear score. It’s not to say you are “less” powerful than before 2.5 was released, it just means the scale has changed as this factor of the calculation has been removed.

Additionally, it is not used in PvP, as your opponents in PvP are based on your perceived power level, your level, and your points in the Tournament.

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