Update 2.5 Patch Notes (+2.5.1 fixes)

Don’t worry, the gold you “win” is still counted towards the event, even if you are gold capped.


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One more Question @Jeto:
The Gear Score visible after the patch seems quite low compared to the Gear Score before, while I did not spot it in the patch notes (sorry if I missed it):

My Paladin dropped from 2,692 to 2,146 and my KD mates’ GS dropped from ~2.8k to 2.3k and from 3.1k to 2.6k).

The difficulty indicator seems slightly modified (normal = up to GS+400, hard = up to GS+1000, very hard = above).

Awesome - thanks for the very fast reply, I’ll pass this on, so no-one needs to worry :slight_smile:

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I assume it is because the spells don’t have levels anymore and are not included in the gear score.

That might be true, but the Spellbook-Level should / could / might compensate this somehow ? The reason I was asking for the expected and intended impact was targeting especially the Kingdom Defense fights.

I remember from the 0.3x time that at this point, a significant difference in Gear Score had an impact on the damage the enemy deals/receives but I am not sure how this changed over time. Depending on the current state, a 1/5th drop might have a significant impact on the game, as you cannot apply negative effects at this stage.

I believe that currently the only function of Gearscore is giving an idea of how strong you are compared to the opponent, but has no relevance whatsoever in the fight.

I’m pretty sure if nothing else that Adventure is giving the wrong recommendation now on what difficulty to play, because of the lower gear score. Probably needs adjustment, but I could be mistaken.

Prior to the patch you could click on a spell and it would tell and even send you to the correct dungeon for farming the resources. As far as I can tell, this has been removed and now you have to manually go through each dungeon till you find the spell you’re looking for, be nice if that feature could be brought back, because it was really cool.


Well done devs and Jeto on not a disaster!

Posting here for everyone to check - RE: @Thalinae and others asking about their Gear score changing since 2.5

TLDR; Your Gear score is a visual representation of your hero, it’s decreasing as we have removed Spell levels, so they are no longer included in this calculation. It does not mean your hero is weaker.

The Gear score in 2.4 collated all your gear and spells into a visual score, this is used as a measure of progress and a comparator for judging battles against an enemy to see how difficult a battle might be.

As we have removed Spell levels from the game, this will reflect in your gear score. It’s not to say you are “less” powerful than before 2.5 was released, it just means the scale has changed as this factor of the calculation has been removed.

Additionally, it is not used in PvP, as your opponents in PvP are based on your perceived power level, your level, and your points in the Tournament.

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I’m considerably stronger in 2.5, though my builds are more spell focused and I did thoroughly prep for the update.

That said, farming rates for pages of any type at any quantity are miserably low. Yeah, there are spell flash offers to be sold and all that. But, it’s almost a crime to say that spell pages are even farmable, even in high rarity chests at very high difficulty levels.

Heck, at high levels, I think I can almost say that I’ve seen more Legendary Relics drop from high level chests than I’ve seen spell pages of any type at any quantity drop. Almost. The drop rates are just that poor right now.


I had checked this before 2.5 went live and just followed up again in case something slipped in, as I have been on 2.5 for some time - and there wasn’t any changes to the drop rates of Spells now that they are called Spell Pages.
A Legendary level X Spell in 2.4 would have the same drop rate chance as a Legendary Spell in 2.5, the only change is now it will award a converted level of pages.

Something I will keep an eye on though.

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I’m reasonably sure you are right on this.

Part of me wants to think that in 2.4, all one needed was one copy of a spell to drop and then it could be evolved to extent that a player had resources to do so, all the way to Mythic. So, the rarer drop rates were acceptable there.

In 2.5, however, players need many copies of the same spell to drop for a single ascension. At the higher rarities, multiple hundreds of copies of the same spell are needed (no one should be expecting to farm Epic/Legendary spell [page] drops). The current drop rates are too low, even when focusing on farming a specific spell’s dungeon.

I would fairly confidently argue that it is perhaps harder to upgrade/evolve spells currently in the new system. Drop rates do not need to be walk-in-the-park / raining-like-candy easy to farm, but they could use some kind of boost. I’m sure the Team is collecting data on drop rates for evaluation. Hardcore players are likely to slowly but surely power through the slog, but I have to wonder how difficult it is for the newer player experience, even with the significantly lower page quantity hurdles to overcome for the lower spell rarities.


Not “way too difficult”, I’d like to use “almost impossible”.
Farmed for 2 hours without pause, and less than 100 page collected, just as I imagined before update.
Now this is the first priority issue you need to solve, devs.


I also believe it is currently needed to evaluate drop rates and how difficult it is to upgrade spell rarity with the new system. I remember how difficult it was sometimes to get even the first copy of one spell. It is true that now rarity is only half the power of a spell, since leveling up the spellbooks goes independently. Therefore, spellbook level being easier to level up now could compensate somehow upgrading rarity being more difficult. But it depends on how difficult it results to be.

I am a player who farms a lot, so as Lyrian said I will probably eventually power through it with time, but I do feel that newer players and players who don’t have the time or will to farm so much will find themselves in a bad spot.

Yesterday, I spent 9 hours playing, most of it farming Dungeon IV searching for dark ice spell pages. The result was a single drop in all day. I was lucky and it was a “legendary drop” worth 1250 spell pages, but getting a single drop of the spell you are looking for in so many hours of farming for it is really bad. Today, after a similar time of farming, I got 52 spell pages (3 drops)… A rate by which, evolving a single mythic spell to ancient mythic would require me over 4 months of intense farming to get. And that only farming a specific dungeon all that time!

I believe the main problem is spell page specificity, that makes it necessary to farm specificaly for a given spell in order to evolve it. If spell pages were more generic, for example only 5 types of spell pages (1 for each element) it would probably be easier to upgrade since you can use spell pages from different “spell drops” to evolve the spells you want. This way you aren’t tied to doing a single dungeon all the time to get the spell you need, but you can use the spell pages obtained from playing normally for your spells.

With only one day it is still too soon to draw clear conclusions, so I will keep recording my spell page drops and giving feedback on how evolving spells feels so that we can evaluate how hard it is and think of how it could be improved. We will see how it goes, but right now I can assure you that trying to evolve spells feels really bad, even for a heavy grinder like me. Sadly, my excitement for ancient mythic spells has nearly completely disappeared. If I have to be farming a single dungeon during a third of each day for several months just to be able to get a single ancient mythic spell… Sorry but I’ll pass.


One thing I hate about the update is having to switch characters constantly. Before you could open a chest with anyone, but now you have to keep switching to get the spell copies and it becomes hard to keep track of, not to mention you can’t switch characters when opening a chest because you just got another one from winning a battle. So you’re trying to work on character goals like doing 5000 ultimates with each character while also having to keep switching to open the chest with the spell copies you want. Would be great at least, if you could mark the chests, like a big BESERKER written on the front of it
so you knew with a glance on who to open it with.


Higure`s idea of making spellpages elemental, which I really like and which would solve the problem of being forced to run the same dungeon for month, what does not mean fun … not at all, would also solve this problem, at least mostly.
Thumbs up for it!


A bit of levity,

Choices choices…

Should I save my Wood Marks for a follower crystal on the weekend or a single page of a random spell today? :thinking:

Yeah, the Spell Day Shop offers for Event Marks just maybe might need a slight rebalancing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This was 1 random common spell before so it has converted to a spell page, but I think generally we are looking at reworking this offer, especially as it will be changed for the Gear rework in the future.


I think its great, before there was no point in buying spells other than legendary, this change actually makes them useful now. Same with the 3 middle marks rarities. Only the legendary and common marks were useful before, with nothing to spend the other 3 on other than shards. This actually gives us something useful to spend them on.