Update 3.1.5 Patch Notes

What would be a really nice gesture from the developers with relevance to the Follower Rework, would be for a level 50 Northelm to be able to craft more chest slots. :blush:


Good idea.

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It has also happened to me. I was confused because I am sure that at a certain moment the dragon had more health than what it started with, and the game ended in error. I didn’t see the regen but I know the dragon matched some of my Dream Gems, so it is probably the issue that Lyrian explained.

Wasn’t the guidance provided from last Season that the Season Legendary thing was not supposed to have the seasonal variant effect on it?

It appears that every Seasonal Legendary breastplate from this Season has the effect on it.

Two example screenshots:

Did the guidance change regarding Seasonal Legendaries?

Yes, while the new season is active now, all gear gained from it will be variant, 100% guaranteed. Its in the patch notes.

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They should have done that with 3.0 too, getting 1.3 gear was a right jip.


Maybe so, but better late than never right? They could always do special events too where the Fae Touch variant is a guaranteed drop during it.

  • Following up on the KD RE errors
  • We are looking into making 3.0 be like 3.1, where only variant gear will drop from caches and dungeons, but waiting for more information on that one.

Following up on this with the team, @KenpoKid69 do you recall where you got this Spell from?

As it is not a player spell.

Blinding Blast (new chapter). Sorry about that.

Hmm, I am on the same version and I can see the spell info once I select it when it’s equipped in my loadout and when it’s in my vault.
I’ll see if one of the team can reproduce this issue - are you having this with just this spell or others?
Also does it happen in other spell slots as well or just in the 4th spot?

Just Blinding Blast and on all spots when equipped. The issue only seems to be with that spell in particular for me, PS4.

Info comes up by the way when I press triangle, but if I press X for info it doesn’t (does for all other spells).

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I have reproduced Kenpo’s issue on android. I just equipped the spell and couldn’t preview it by tapping on it.

However, when doing the same on Steam it worked fine.

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I don’t understand why it’s even a discussion; two season chapters dropping the same loot is senseless.

It only makes sense to those that are selling it.

Not trying to be too harsh here because I am sure that there are voices of reason being overridden by the publisher. But the reality is that 3.0, and to a slightly lesser extent 3.1, are grossly overpriced in relation to previous seasons. If we go through 5 seasons like this, we are looking at an entire year of recycling old gear. At $25 a season for the platinum pass that is pretty extreme pricing for thrift store products.


If you buy the 1,300 crowns 30 day bundle, its basically 10 dollars a season, since a platinum pass is 1,200 crowns.

Since you can only purchase one 30-day bundle for the discounted price, anyone who purchases the season and the platinum+ quest pass would have to choose where to spend their discounted crowns. Or be willing to purchase more crowns at an elevated price. Either way, diminished content should equal a discounted purchase price.

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It’s not a discussion on doing or not - we are working on what we can do to implement it retroactively

Rather than within a live Season like 3.1


They had massive staff cuts, and couldn’t have come up with enough new gear AND produce a working update with (almost) no bugs.

I think variant gear was a clever solution; I’m excited to see what variant the 1.4 gear has added.

I agree that the variant idea is nice as a way to keep doing something “new” and save some time to focus on other parts of the game. However, I see the following issues

  1. The seasonal content has been greatly reduced. 2.5 had its 6 shields with no set bonus and minions were clearly recycled (same images with different skin, and same stats and spells). The new seasons have only half the amount of minions and spells, the new gear is just “recycled” gear with a minor upgrade that doesn’t change it much. And that is without mentioning the disaster of season 3.0 where most of the gear dropped wasn’t even variant… However, the prices charged are the same, the reason why Outta speaks of overpricing (same price less content). If you cannot create enough new content, well we can understand it, but don’t you dare to keep charging the same as always. At least, the addition of the free legendary and mythic item to the offer is a good step.

  2. From the major changes that have gone live together with the seasons, both the Spell Rework (2.5) and the Gear Rework (3,0) were terrible releases with tons of bugs and issues that required quite a lot of time and player disappointment and feedback to be fixed. If they are going to give us worse/reduced seasonal content, at least we would expect the rest of the updates and changes to be well done and working properly, not what seemed to be hurried releases that still had a lot of issues to fix before refining them to an acceptable degree. 3.1+3.1.5 updates and the Crafter’s rework have been much more solid releases in my opinion, with less bugs and most features already working fine, so that is again a good step that I hope they can mantain. But they still have managed to upset a lot of us with the critical cap… So I am still waiting for an update with no big issues to complain about :sweat_smile: