Update 3.1 Patch Notes

Guess what bug is back yet again for another Season? :pensive:

Yes, it’s the converted Big Gem bug yet again…

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:face_exhaling: I’ll follow up to see if the fix was for all special gems, or just the Gem of Dreams

Repoened the reported and added the Flashbang Gems to it


Why not just keep them? That way we don’t lose the mana from the big gem that was there before it converted.

@Lyrian do you recall what happened before this screenshot?
Cos Gem of Dreams can appear cos you can convert Gems into Gem of Dreams Gems, but I didn’t think we had anything that could convert into Flashbang Gems.

That was the starting state of the battle. As the Flashbang gem has the Big III symbol on it, the only gear piece that can do that pre-battle is the Savior’s Helm, which might be the culprit here.

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Were you wearing the Saviour’s helm?

Yes. I was wearing it. The Savior’s Helm can modify any color gem randomly at the start of battle (In this case, twq green, one blue, and one yellow).

The Big IV green gems are from the Lucky Clover Ring.

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If the minion and crit cap changes were made to help us in PvPs, I have to say that for me they are a major headache. They make the battles take more time and also make me lose more often.

The main issue is that you have made a “simetrical” debuff of starting mana and mastery. However, the reality is that the opponent and the players have nowhere near the same spell power, since enemy spells are usually cheaper and stronger. The “simetrical” debuff then usually means we may not be able to fill our spells while the opponent tends to fill them without any issue and still 1-shots us with them. Therefore, in the end by applying the debuff to both of us you are just giving the opponent an advantage.

At least this is what I personally feel. If we add the crit cap that makes me sometimes unable to finish the enemy so then I die to their still OP spells, the PvPs have become a much more frustrating experience for me.


Maybe the helm makes the slot a big III, rather than the gem that’s inside it?

That way the big III value would be added to special gems, @Jeto would that make sense?