[Updated: Attention Sony Players] Soft Locking from various screens


What happening / what expecting to happen
Clicking on various menus causes the timer to whirl or nothing to happen. Screens affected:
Merchant (the cash offers top middle)
Season 2.1 (via battle menu or circle) - this soft locks until times out; exiting takes back to looping loading until closed for inactivity
All options from Kingdom menu

Clicking on shop or merchant does nothing, clicking on other options causes timer to whirl and eventually logged out for inactivity (before next screen loads).

Other features (chat) and battles (eg dungeons) working normally.
A couple of other players are also reporting similar on in game chat in Kingdom 001.

(Edit: missed heading)
How often does this happen?
Was working normally 12 hours before this post. Has been constant issue for me since 2 hours ago (tried various restarts of game and ps5)

Steps to replicate
Log in (ps5) click on shop

Thanks in advance for any investigation

2nd edit: There are about 10 people in Kindom001 chat complaining. It seems all of us grabbed the PSPlus free package; most of the people posting no problems haven’t - this might be coincidence and totally unrelated


I ask my kingdom mates.
Some have this issue other don’t, no matter what console they playing ps4 or ps5.
I dont have this issue.

It is definitely linked to anyone that downloaded the free package off of the PS store. Doing so breaks the game and makes the game unplayable. Top effort from the developers :clap:

I think not some players from kingdom download free pack and dont have any issue.
But this problem i huge. Players cant buy stuff in store ,fight dragon so they dont earn any progress.

I have the same, I can only play PVP. I spent money and can’t claim my rewards :frowning:

Hey all,

We are investigating this Sony issue currently - it is generally associated with the Store and when the game tries to initialise it. So anywhere in game it links to a store, which is why Kingdoms and VIP are experiencing this issue.

While we are looking into this further, just a couple of questions that would be helpful to know:

  • What region are you in? Also, what language is your PQ3 set to
  • If different, what region is your Sony store set to?
  • Do you have PS+

Region: Europe (edit: EU west)
Language: English
Store: Europe
PSPlus: Yes (and “purchased” free add-on)

Update for now: We have switched off the Azure Crusader’s Bundlem as a client fix is required for this issue.

This means you won’t be able to claim this bundle until this has been resolved.

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Just in case as this issue was related: