[Investigating] Unable to Interact with Battle

I have noticed this both on my IPAD and in Steam. Basically once I start a story battle I cant interact with the Gem board or any other menu, mouse doesnt interact with anything and touch screen on IPAD doesnt allow selection of Gems or menu. The game does not freeze or crash I just cant interact with anything with my input device and it is always at the beginning of a new battle at random times. I have to kill off the application in Steam or swipe the game on IPAD.

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I have the same exact problem on Steam…
Only solution : to close and relaunch…
Happens from time to time.

It seems to happen every time I launch the quest combat for the second time…
( I am at “La Vachère” :wink:

Hey, I’m so sorry you’ve been having this issue.

We released a hotfix update today with a few bug fixes, including some different soft lock issues one of which sounds like what you’re describing.

Can you please make sure you have the latest game version version 1.0.2 and then let us know here if you continue having this issue? Your version number can be found at the bottom of the game settings menu.

This seems to have been fixed since the latest patch I am no longer having the issue…

Thanks Again!!

It seems to work better but I have another similar game crash…
When I launch the additional quest with NORTHELM the screens goes dark wih my hero and the game is crashed…

This have been fixed before, but now I’m experiencing the same bug after 1.3 update. Its like you guys dug out the very early build and reintroduced all the bugs (including battle music loop bug) in version 1.3

I have the same issue when making a killing hit. Game locks and I have to exit and restart.

I am playing on Android, Samsung S22 Ultra. Image shows screen that had been sitting for 2 minutes

I also sometimes have this issue, get the win and the board freezes mostly empty, enemy animation continues to run on loop but can’t progress
Force quit and restart resumes successfully with next enemy or reward
Occured in Dungeons and Event
Android S21 Ultra

i have this issues since the 1.3 update. it’s impossible to make all 4 event fights without at least one closing and restart PQ3 due to frozen gems. that’s quite annoying :frowning:

This is getting really frustrating when farming dungeons. I had to restart during every battle in one dungeon… Finally gave up and paln to stop playing until the next patch.


For those who have experienced this most recently;

  • What game mode is this happening and is it consistently that game mode?
  • What device/platform are you playing on?
  • Do you notice this only happens after a specific sequence, such as after the board resolves after a spell is cast etc? Or also is this against specific enemies?

The previous bug report on the cave worm seems to be the same problem. The game is still running, and the cave worm animation still works, but I cannot do anything.

I am playing on steam using a windows laptop. This only happen to me on season archive story replay when the first enemy is a cave worm, and only happen at the beginning of the battle. Restarting the game fixes the problem. This already happens 10+ times to me.

It can happen in any battle, there are 2 different bugs actually:

  1. game freeze right after battle start (we had this bug before and it was fixed in the middle of 1.1 version I think);
  2. game freeze after mass explosion of gems with few gems left in the air and doesn’t spawn new gems

Happened twice in a row in Kingdome defence mode yesterday but can affect other battles as well
PC, Steam version

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I am playing on Android s22 ultra with OS latest update

I find it happens in skirmishes, dungeons, pvp, and hunts. I have not experienced in kingdom defense yet. I completed the story, but would assume it happens there also

It only happens to me when matching gems, it does not seem to happen when casting spells. Usually happens with the killsshot, but has happened otherwise also.

it happend on all of above and after exchange items too. for me the game isn’t playable anymore.

Hey all,

For those (on PC) who have experienced the following;

  • Soft locking after encountering a Cave Worm
  • Soft locking after mass Gem explosion
  • Soft locking at the start of a battle (not against a cave worm)

Could you please send through a ticket the next time this occurs and attach your player.log file
You can find it in the %appdata%/../LocalLow/505 Games/Puzzle Quest 3/ directory. Please don’t forget to include your name code!

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue so far the past couple of days, but a direct log will also be helpful to pass onto the development team :sparkles:

Hey @Jeto,
I’ve just logged a ticket with my player.log file attached. I hope this helps.

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@Jeto raised a ticket too https://puzzlequest3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/119619

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Game is softlocking a lot for me as well (on IOS). I have all of the mentioned problems, but the game often will just suddenly refuse to let me tap on anything (both in battles and outside of it) too. Don’t have time to submit a proper bug report, but just thought I’d leave a brief note saying this is an issue.