[RESOLVED, AND IF NOT PLEASE LET US KNOW] Soft Locks occurring in 90% of battles

Platform, device and operation system
Google Pixel 3A

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
In recent days I have experienced experienced an issue where, when an enemy will die, the battle will soft lock. Breathing animations will still play on the hero but I cannot progress in the battle. Sometimes I am able to tap the menu button to retreat but sometimes I am not.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens in 90% of battles now, and started several days ago. I have not determined how to reliably reproduce the issue; I can sometimes progress through 2 or 3 fights but almost never all the way.

Steps to make it happen again
Again, I cannot fully reproduce exactly what triggers the issue and I am not sure the steps required to cause it. My best theory is it may have to do with one or more of my gear passives.

Hello, do you have Warlord’s Armguards equipped?

I do have the Armguards equipped, that is correct.

This is the one that adds +10% crit for each big gem on the board? Is it causing the bug?

Is there a way to unequip them so I can continue playing?

Sadly only way to unequip them is by equipping other ones. Had same problem.

I do still have the Warlords Armguards equipped and I’m not having this bug anymore (last 3 days have been without problem) but I was experiencing this previously