[Updated] Legendary upgrade for Khazduli gauges not correct

Today I upgraded 2 Khazduli parts to legendary. For the crossbow it worked. But for the Khazduli gauges I only got an upgrade to +4 for the element (light +4) and for every attribute as well and not +5 as expected.
Correction and a corrected part is appreciated.

When are you going to fix this?
Not included in actual update and cannot find a related info.

Hey @Egara

I’ve discussed this with the Development Team and they’ve let me know that the Khazdhuli Gages are meant to give an upgrade of +4 at Legendary rarity.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Why? Are things going to be purposefully different and undisclosed like this regularly? Nothing else is +4 at Legendary. Are there other items that are +4 Attributes at Legendary? This feels insufficient as a response.

Update: So I upgraded the boots the other day and didnt even notice that the attributes were +4 at Legendary.

This feels yet again like a bait and switch. What’s the rationale for differing upgrade treatment and why not make this known?

Further edit: I just checked and both the Gloves and Boots end up at +7 Attribute value at Mythic-45, just like all other items. In other words, typically items get +5 Attribute value in total at Legendary, and then get +2 more Attribute value at Mythic-45. If the Gloves and the Boots have the same Attribute Values at Rare, Epic, and Mythic-45, why would it be intended that they have a subpar upgrade at Legendary compared to all other items. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Sorry devs but this response looks for me like a joke. Such a strategic game needs some basic pillars which should not be touched. It is modern now to be agile. But you are using so many variables in the game that the result should be foreseeable to some extent for you and for us us gamers as well.
Why did I think it is a bug? I could not imagine the devs would touch such a basic upgrade system and secondary because the legendary upgrade of the Khazduli crossbow showed an attribute increase to +5. It is totally not understandable why this is different within the set.

Under these conditions what should be my ambition to built up a Khazduli set? As long as the attributes stay on +4 I don’t have any intention to upgrade to mythic or to upgrade others to legendary.

Thanks zendesk for the answer in time.
The zendesk ticket was made as well to show that some reports in Forum are not answered.
Contentwise I put my comments to Forum.

@Kafka is this acceptable? You are a game player supposedly. Is it reasonable to just have different stat bases on items and pretend like its a normal thing? No information about this was given. Is this what we should expect going forward? Constant bait-and-switch changes with no other explanation than the developer said so after the fact?

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I believe it’s similar to the Seasonal Minions having 3 less total points than all other non-dragon minions. Mistakes were made, but instead of ever taking responsibility for anything, it’s just, “Ah. Yep. That was supposed to happen.” That’s the way it feels for sure.

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I wonder if there’s a number of bugs related to items not getting the bonuses they are supposed to be getting. It’s like the bug I reported for Eveline’s Locket, and what Sibelios reported for Serpentine Pants. Which makes me wonder whether other items aren’t getting the bonuses they are supposed to be getting.

Hey all,

Myself & @OminousGMan have been following this up further with the team and passed on all feedback mentioned here and more recently in the Jeweled Golden Grasp & Eveline Locket threads, as you have mentioned these item bonuses are not in line with what is expected in comparison to other items.

There will be a change going out before the weekend that will bring any items currently at +4 at Legendary up to +5 so the bonus is cohesive across the board! :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thank you @Jeto! Really appreciate all your peoples’ work on this! :blush::+1:

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Thank you @Jeto !
Appreciate your work on this which is in my eyes a very fundamental point and should be andcremain a basic and reliable pillar of the upgrade system. :smile::+1:

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It’s nice to see that this was addressed as it made no sense otherwise.

Update: A correction of attributes of my Khazdhuli gages to +5 was done this morning.:+1:

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This is a great outcome. Thanks for being a good advocate for the players.

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Better late than never. :slight_smile: