[Updated] Remove Possessed from the list of possible buffs Resh can provide for the player

Resh will grant a % chance equal to his level to grant a buff to the player at the start of battle.

Seriously, guys. There are game modes that punish the players for losing HP (you get less points in PVP tourneys, you get less points in events and therefore losing gems). And now you’re introducing the follower who can curse you with Possessed randomly at the start of the battle and there is no way to reject his ‘help’.
This is just horrible and unfair and a bad game design.


Thanks for posting here Tau!

Wouldn’t be so bad if the current state of PVP wasn’t who can win in (joke - zero) one turn with full health with their build as opposed to who can win with a build against a AI opponent with a build with an actual autoplayable system that has already been implemented


Maybe it could be replaced with Heal(The gear buff) or any number of other actual buffs.


This is a very serious issue which needs to be corrected fast. Since @Jeto has acknowledged immediately, I do hope a meaningful correction is made in the hotfix. A follower should always be helpful to the Hero. This buffing from the new follower has a definite chance to harm the hero. That is going to remove the fun factor.

Good luck. It’s already past 5pm Friday at the infinity plus 2 office. You’re gonna have to deal with this for at least the weekend

This is currently not a part of the hotfixes we are already currently working on, as I passed this feedback onto the team only today and we are looking to get these bug fixes out as soon as we can.

But if it manages to get in or a change is made, we will announce it :sparkles:


@tau is right here. Don’t try to avoid the asked for mana cap for pvp with an additional buff to make look Resh worth it. Focus on the basic buffs the game has offered in the beginning (beta, ea) and done.

Hey all,

We are removing Possessed from Resh’s list of Buffs! This will be going out shortly :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thank you kindly!
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Thank you for such swift action.