We need a possibility to switch off Resh at events and PvP

My Resh is on level 15 now.
Doing dungeons and hunts I already got support from Resh.
Worst is Possessed! For 3 mana I am loosing 1% of life per turn.
This means in events and PvP I must heal or regenerate now otherwise I wont get the full score. At PvP there is some chance within the 7 days but not in case of events.
Therefore please make it possible to switch On/Off!


Why do we even have Possessed status in a positive buffs list? Remove it and let Resh provide only useful buffs which will not harm the player

Hey everyone,

This feedback has been shared in another thread recently and I have passed it on to the team! It is something the team is looking into further, if any changes are made they will be announced in a patch notes post or I’ll make an update.