What is the difference?

What diiference between the levels

Unfortunately, nothing except allowing you to continue levelling Toragon further. Each numerical level does (in theory) cause a small shift in the odds of getting Epics but really nothing substantially happens until you can get Toragon to 50 (1% chance to craft legendaries, ability to reroll mastery) which requires another 25 crystals.

Wow… thats a bit expensive for very little reward.

It’s a consistent theme across the game’s design that the higher the rarity a thing is, the more expensive it becomes to obtain that next increment of power. At Mythic, it is extremely expensive for even the smallest boosts in power.

Though, for the gear crafters, reaching 50 is a very powerful moment for them. The ability to hand-select the color of any piece of gear is extremely powerful because at that point there is no longer such thing as a bad or off-color piece of gear (that the crafter can work with) anymore. The ability to change gear colors by hand also allows the player to change the colors of gear to shift to other characters on that player’s account to match their character classes.

It’s just a very long road from Mythic 45 to 50 to obtain that power boost.

Well instead of having people go through unnecessary upgrades that provides NO additional improvements until they get to level 50, they should just have one upgrade to 50 with the necessary items needed to get there. smh

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