Who's your Favourite Character, and Why?

Okay team, I have to know.

Which character is your favourite thus far in PQ3? (I know the story progression is a bit rough, but for those that have been enjoying the story no matter how far into it you are, I still want to know!!!)

I think it’s pretty easy to guess who mine is…

I thought it was going to be a tough decision but then I realised…


More generally, I’m really enjoying the party interactions and side quests to get to know the rag-tag bunch of followers you acquire.

Gong all day everyday.

Northelm! I keep wanting to call him “Northeim” for some reason…

Reason: Because he brings MORE CHESTS, and I need MORE CHESTS :slight_smile:

I knew Gong was going to be a smash hit! He is one of my faves and adds some much needed comic relief to the game.

I also love the side quests because you do get more of each character, I had a great time writing those.

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Wow, this is really cool!

“GONG came up here for the magpies. They were good, but GONG has had better pies”

This is pretty good xD I lol’d

What other characters did you write for??

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I write the game alongside Steve Fawkner, our Creative Director. (He wrote PQ1 and PQ2.)

So I wrote for all the characters! The two I had the most influence on are Soulchaser and, no surprises here, Mutiny.


Haven’t made it far enough to reach those two NPCs. Looking forward to meeting them. :slight_smile:

Gong is well… Gong. I like him. Oddly, Lyranica does not like Gong. Don’t believe she is a big fan of that type of humor, but whatever. Her loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the reference during a Gong conversation to an optional ending sequence in PQ1 where Drong eats Lord Bane. (Similar implicit reference to this as well when Gong eats the Warlord, perhaps?)

Early NPCs still have a lot of character development to go, and the game foreshadows this greatly.

Only just got there, but Xione has left a great opening impression on me.

How can one argue with this?

Side note: It is great fun to replay the dialogs with split conversation forks and see all the possible outcomes. Some of them are great. :slight_smile:

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Xione is really fun to write. There are some great moments with her in following chapters, and she’s one of our main characters even thought she is introduced half way through the narrative. You have one more main character to come after her. (I mean, all the characters get a fair bit of screen time, but there’s a few that are very important to the plot.)

that’s all.

Actually my favorite is Xione

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