Why am I still so weak?

With the changes done since I last played, I was able to make it all the way to the final boss.

I got my ass beat hard and the second time around I didn’t even make it past the first enemy.

Pictured is my gear and spell loadout(no more chip damage means I had to add more elements of spells)

Pictured here are my primary stats.

Just what the buck am I doing wrong here?

Just at a glance it looks like a gear/spell optimization issue. And that is tricky if it is your first and only hero, for sure. Are you in a guild? If so, ask your guild mates about their shaman builds, so you know what gear to look for and to upgrade, and which spell setups work best, etc.

From a high-altitude view, I agree with Tresk. You’re a bit underpowered for the fight. Also, as the “final” story fight, the Chapter 15 dungeon run is a bit harder than normal than the gear score difficulty suggests.

Couple of thoughts, reflecting the changes to the game over time:

  • While you can play a multi-color Shaman, changes made to the class strongly favor playing mono-color builds. Although most of your gear is not green, it’s not an insurmountable issue for clearing Chapter 15; though it does add to the difficulty factor.

  • With the removal of chip damage, you need to focus on either skull damage or spell damage. Shaman’s aren’t great with skull damage. Outside of Spirit Mask, which you have loaded, Shamans either have to go off-color with skull generation (generally not recommended) or rely on a Esgaard Flail for passive skull generation. On the flip side, there are plenty of green damage options for Shamans to work with. Cloudkill should be replaced with any of the green damage spells of your choice (Insect Plaque, Poison Spray, Acid Cloud, Savage Juju, etc.).

  • Mojo should be placed with a revamped Shaman spell called Poison Charm. The spell does damage, repairs armor, and grants Regen to passively heal life all in one spell.

  • It is fairly easy to level to 50 now and you should do so for extra stat points. Also, unlike before, where the Citadel was locked behind clearing Chapter 15, it unlocks immediately at reaching level 50, where you can earn even more stats fairly easily to assist with clearing the dungeon.

  • It is also now fairly easy to farm epic relics from any dungeon to get all of your gear to Epic 35 for increased survivability.

  • (Optional) If you have 2 weapon glyphs (one was obtainable from the Adventure that ended today for free), consider raising your weapon to Legendary 45. A L45 weapon does more than double the damage than at Epic 35.

Hope this information helps out.

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