How to play the Shaman?

How does the shaman ultimate work? By the game, it seems like you need to put juju on them first, then pop the juju gems which is supposed to make them more powerful? but the bad juju description still says 25% more damage. So what’s the proper way to use them? And even then, you want to pop a spell, then ultimate, and then hope you have another spell to take advantage of the damage?

Where are the shaman guides at?

So there are a few Juju spells that shamans get. This is a debuff on your opponent that increases damage taken. You can further augment this damage with the ultimate from the shaman. Matching those vials gives a buff that increases the damage they take. You can stack other debuffs to further increase damage output with things like poison.

At lvl 50, I apply poison, then hit with a spell that generates green gems, then hit with juju/cast ultimate. and keep repeating. I do have the green shaman stun spell up incase things get rough, too.

So why doesnt the game update the debuff? It still says 25% even when i have 160% more juju damage for example.

the ultimate is a buff for your character and juju is a debuff for the opponent. the buff will go for the duration of the fight, but juju needs to be reapplied. I’m not sure why it doesn’t show the real number in the debuff, but it definitely happens.

I get what you are saying but technically the JuJu debuff is static, its always 25% more damage. Your Ultimate buff is updated though with each application. The lack of a multiplicative output (Your current potion buff x the static 25% JuJu debuff) is missing but everything is working correctly. In your example your damage would be increased by a grand total of 65%.

Are there any guides? Builds? Im trying to figure out what gear to keep an eye out for, and maybe spell builds. So what dungeons and things to farm

I run a royal 2, guard 1, and serpentine 1 build. guard shield, gloves. serpentine belt and gloves. dwarven neck, savior’s helm, luck ring + runic ring, and the rest is royal.

I you have not already I would join the unofficial PQ3 Community Discord. Lots of great conversations there and channels specific to these types of questions as well.

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