Why do the Developers hate Highly Active Kingdoms at Maximum Capacity?

0.39 Update

The update dramatically changes how Crests are earned but doesn’t change anything about Crests rewards themselves. Therefore, the smaller kingdom approach is even more sensible than before. The average player doing all bounties every week would contribute ~450 Crests. The average player doing all daily activity (PvP, Events, Challenges) is contributing 500-600 Crests / week (or more if doing all PvP matches or buying Tiers in Events). Players that do additional battles on top of that are now able to contribute 1,000+ Crests / week.

Hopefully, this change towards activity-based kingdom contribution signals a positive change for active kingdoms when kingdom rewards are revamped. Until then, 15 person kingdoms are still the best structure in my opinion.

All I want for Christmas is a kingdom revamp! :christmas_tree:


18k crests is still the same top prize, so no change there, even as we broke 30k crests first week of the new system.

So yet another aspect where the game design doesn’t work in favour of full active kingdoms.

Seems all we can do is hope that update 0.40 will bring some good news here… just like we hoped from 0.39… and 0.38… and 0.37…

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Now that we have the news that the game officially launches in March, if there is not an update to kingdom tools, structure, and rewards either prior to or at launch, I will consider that a catastrophic failure of design given that there is literally no reason to be in a 30 person kingdom currently.

Do I smell an appropriate subtitle? Anyone handy with photoshop?

1st March now confirmed as v1.0 launch date.

Atleast 6 months of feedback on this topic. Sure would be nice if some if was taken onboard and applied to the game for launch.