Why nerf the food so hard?

I’m at a stand still now with no resources. And that’s no joke.

What do you do when you’ve spent everything and have no food, honor, keys or anything left.

I’m not going to spend gems on opening chests as those prices are unreal.
But i honesty think that’s what the devs are aiming at us to do.

Then when you finally do open some chests, they are so filled with garbage it’s despicable.

I really feel bad for the players who casually play and open just a few chests.

But us that enjoy to play the game and grind out gear we just can’t do it anymore.

I’m not threatening to quit the game or anything, I’m just hoping down the road this problem is solved so we can play again.

A few suggestions that have been brought up by others.
:black_small_square:︎ more food put back into chests.
• able to buy more keys daily with gold.
• make it so followers can convert resources from their crystals.

Feedback and input on this situation is appreciated. I’m hoping that the devs listen.
@Jeto i now you are always helping the players out and letting our voices be heard. Please pass this on to the devs for me.

Thank you for reading.


Could also consider having extra food in skirmish chests. Would give people a reason to farm them more.


Oh and for those of you who want to farm for just do like I’ve been doing is replaying the story through on a new character.
You don’t get much, but hey it’s something.
Also around chapter 8 you get epic scrolls and runes.
Hope this helps.

@KenpoKid69 i like that idea because you only seem to get 60 from one of those and that’s if you’re lucky to pull food at all.


Getting food as well as gold from salvaging chests would be a nice touch.

The amount of food could be dependent on the type of chest, as the gold is.


I use to enjoy playing dungeons all day, never had a problem, ever since the food was lowered im now limited to how long i can play, some days il play my 9 season dungeons and then i need to play another game as nothing left here for me to do untill im able to open the chest, usek keys, food, marks and honour, either the devs think we stupid and will use our gems to open chest or they dont qant us playing there game


You should not allow yourself to get into that position.

I have a policy that I follow. It has the following rules:

  • always keep 100 keys of gold, ruby and diamond
  • use keys only if they are wood, iron or above 100 for the rest
  • if you decide to drop below 100, play until one of the gold, ruby or diamond keys count drops to 50, unless you get bored earlier
  • use minions with high bonus key chance
  • do not spend honor on food or keys
  • if you don’t have food to open chests, give yourself a rest, get some sleep and let the minions do their job

I have similar policy about loot tickets. Even though I have hundreds of both, I do not allow myself to drop below a certain number. I am also very strict on spending them - dungeon tickets are for the battles of the current season (3 a day), while skirmish tickets are for the coins in the archive until I reach the limit, and sometimes few extra battles to reach a goal in the current season.

Since the last update, I run out of wood and iron keys almost on daily basis. I apply the last rule from the policy and it doesn’t take much time or food to open them and free some slots.

So basically don’t play the game.
Collect 9 chests and wait?

I also noticed even the minions with high key chance drop less than usual but that topic is for another day.


@Heno3HaTaTa that is not a valid argument for such a drastic food nerf. Im very tactical with my resources too “i try to keep at least 400 of every key” but i do not agree. before the change lvl 100 diamond chests could drop 1500+ food regularly now a chest with 500 food is a good drop.


Great suggestion swivel :+1:


For people that do 6 dungeon runs in an hour food and keys is not a problem,but for those of us that run L100 dungeons and complete dungeons in under 90 seconds we need food


I don’t fully agree. I am slower than the top end, and probably farm a dozen or so chests an hour, and food is much more constricted than before. So I know the problem is worse for the faster farmer, it is still annoying at my level too. Work days it won’t really matter to me, but on weekends it is super annoying.


This is an issue clearly coming from the recent reworks. Due to the change in the workings of spells and gear, they have needed to increase they drop rate and something has to go down then. I personally don’t see such a huge reduction of food as everyone is suggesting, but it is lower indeed. The easiest and fairest solution would be changing the amount of food per drop so that even if they drop less often the extra quantity compensates it and on average we get the same quantity per chest as before. That way there is no need to further change drop rates and risk making another important resource more scarce.

However, remember everyone that limiting the players ability to play the game is a common strategy in these kind of games, so that players feel tempted to spend money. I do believe we have some really great members of the dev team doing their best to help us enjoying the game to its fullest but in the end the last decision probably is in the hands of those that prefer a few whales than tons of happy F2P players.


I’m a unhappy whale who can’t play. :joy:


Like i said san they now hoping people start using gems to open chest and when u out of gems buy more, i dont think they care if it stops people playing there game less as long as its an extra way for them to try and make money, will not be surprised if soon u can only play 1 chapter a day for free then are charged to carry on playing, lol, DEVS if this happens its my idea, i want my cut lol, just pay me in game food


Good thing there is a ton of good games to play. us console players are far less likely to fall for these mobile game pay 2 play tactics. Just allow us to farm and we will play and support the game to the best of our ability!



Food, along with the increased need for low-level scrolls and shards have been a part of my feedback since the Spell rework was introduced as now there is a greater need for them.

It’s definitely on the teams’ radar.


Thank you @jeto for the quick response. I hope for nothing but great things in store for us in the future of the game.
I know you guys try your best and i give you lots of credit for staying on top of every thing.
Much appreciated.
I look forward to what changes may come next.


I think its extra painful when Food is needed in the Kingdom shop at a very high level. It feels bad to not participate because you want to farm a few chests.

I also support upping Keys for Gold.

Alternatively instead of having Food and Ore “in” chests they were just part of the drop like gold. So you get X Gold X Food and X Ore (at different quantities based on value on the chest).


Bazaar needs a complete rework, its gotten to the point where I’d rather trade the resources that you buy in bazaar for the food and ore that you use to buy them with. One thing the devs could do is putting more things in bazaar that some players are wanting like rare and epic scrolls.


Wholeheartedly agree. The bazaar as stands just needs some polishing to bring it up to 3.0. Maybe 3-4 sections (and take out VIP section, think shards store, coin store, diamond store.

I have to image its tough on a guild leader to decide to double a great deal for VIP when not the entire kingdom can benefit from it.