Why XXXlings have different spell damage value?

there exists a series of pets which named ***ling, which are the minion version of giant enemies. They share the spell “XXX crush”, which inflict medium elemental damage upon cast.

that sounds normal but…

BUT, why they have different damage value at level 1?
I picked up several of them and found all of them have different damage output, AND SOME OF THEM DEAL 100%+ MORE DAMAGE THAN OTHERS? and it seems that the value is completely random, a normal pet sometimes inflict MUCH MORE damage than a leveled rare.
those who has absurd damage output make PvP even more weird. You don’t know how many damage their crush will do until you click, and if you find it do terrible damage, you’re doomed - because these spell has very low mana requirement.


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They have different mana costs. The mana costs aren’t shown in game.

That spell that is 100%+ more damage is also nearly 2x the mana cost than the lower one.

But iirc fire/ice/poison/light/dark crush shares the same mana cost (50) ?

And, I just got crushed by a not-so-leveled light crush which inflicts 1k+ damage this morning already, in turn 1, just because several unlucky skyfall. I just made two matches by myself.

I’m quite sure crush spells are broken. NONE of them are above level 20, some are even at level 1, share the same cost, but damage is absurd.