Wither + Juju =?

I’m trying to find out if wither doubles the combination of Good & Bad Juju, or just doubles the bad, and then the Good Juju is added on afterwards.

For example, when I’ve got 200% Good Juju, and the enemy has Bad Juju (25% extra damage) applied, it becomes 75% extra damage, triple the original Bad Juju (right?). So, when I attack with 100 damage, the enemy receives 175 total damage.

But, when I inflict Wither on them, doubling the effect of an enemy’s debuffs, is the new total:

  1. Twice the already-tripled Bad juju (2 x Bad Juju x Good Juju), for 250 total damage,
  2. Twice the standard Bad Juju with the Good Juju multiplying the original 25% Bad Juju and added on afterwards (Bad Juju @ 50% extra damage + 200% of 25% Good Juju) for 225 total damage,

Or is it something else entirely?