Wyrmheim freezing on battle

Android tablet

In Wyrmheim, the game freezes at the end of battle. It’s not clear that the battle is over, the monster should have some health left. This is on level X.

These are from two different days, and three different fights

Just to be sure, did the game actually freeze, or was the game still running and animating but the board disappeared and you couldn’t progress any further? I’ve had the board disappear before and it was related to making some illegal moves after a disconnect and reconnect.

continued animation, and after a disconnect and reconnect the monster was dead and I moved onto the next monster. I hadn’t expected that clearing the board (matching the gems I matched) would kill the monster. this has happened only in that dungeon with that particular monster. The only possible disconnect/reconnect would be me moving from my wireless to the wireless’s extender (Orbi Main to Orbi Satellite signal).

I’m working on isolating this problem as well, as I’ve experienced it multiple times. I do not believe this issue has to do with the Dungeon Wyrmheim exclusively, but specifically with the triggering of the death animation of the mob named “Imp”

I’ve had this happen several times now in Council of Scales, Wyrmheim and in skirmishes that feature Imps.

At this point I suspect that there is an issue with the handler of one death method triggering the death animation but I’ve not been able to single out the death method. I’m not confidant yet to blame it on a single spell…still poking at it. Will update with any additional findings.