[NEED MORE INFO] Won a PVP Match, Game froze, then decided I lost

Platform, device and operation system

  • Android Note 5

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

  • When I win a PVP match, I expect the match to end and for me to be awarded the trophies that I’ve earned.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • It’s happened once in PvP, but the game often freezes at the end of a match for an indefinite period of time.

Steps to make it happen again

  • I won a PVP match. Rather than ending and awarding me trophies, the game just sat there with my opponent lying dead on the floor. Then I noticed that I could still make tile matches. So I moved some tiles, hoping that would make the game end. Instead, when I made the title matches, I suddenly got the message that I had been defeated, even though my opponent was already dead, and lost trophies. This makes no sense whatsoever. I ended up losing trophies in a match that I won.
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Unequip the Warlord’s Gauntlets. They break the game in a bad way.


Had Guard’s Gloves on. :frowning:

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Betas are a mess.


Has happened to me as well. 3 times the opponent was defeated and then my hero all of the sudden dies and I got defeated. That or the game freezes as you describe.


Similar issue has happened to my wife and I several times. Win PVP match, game freezes, restart game, enemy has full health again, but our health is low. Thankfully we still win all of these games.

I also want to add for the OP that the Note 5 is no longer supported and has an out of date OS. You will likely see ongoing degraded performance in PQ3 due to this as well.

just happened to me, too. I was not fast enough to record this happening, next time I’ll try reproducing it.

Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know that. That’s too bad. My phone still going strong!

Device: Pixel 2, Android 11 @Salty

After the update, I started having the same issue.

PvP matches freeze after wins and losses.

Of the 6 PvP tokens, 2 or 3 are lost to game freezing.

Sometimes when I win the battle, game won’t move to its conclusion.
I leave the game, come back, and the battle is back at an earlier stage, with the opponent having more life and my hero having lost most of its life.

My weapons and spells:

Thanks for all the reports! I have passed this on with all the info.

Hello team, the devs have requested more information so they can get to the bottom of this.

  • How long the game was open for before this started happening
  • WiFi, or Ethernet. If Ethernet, is is 4g, 3g, etc.
  • Are there errors?
  • What were you doing in game before the battle ended?
  • How did the enemy die?
  • Is it Freezing, crashing, or something else?
    • Freezing is the game completely frozen, nothing can be selected
    • Crashing is the game closing
    • Sometimes, we have had issues where the board will disappear but the enemy & player will idle with their animations. A description like this, if that is happening, would be really helpful.

We need more information on what happened leading up to the battle ending so we can look into this more thoroughly. In this circumstance, videos would be extremely helpful.

Playing on S9+ and had this happen to me 3x over the weekend including right now.

I’m connected to my home WiFi which is working.
I used Hand of Evil to down my opponent but did not get the victory screen. I was able to make 1 more gem move on the board because the game thought it was still going but the downed enemy did not make any reply move. Now that I made 1 move, the game is stuck. Tried minimizing but it doesn’t advance the game. The only think I can do is retreat or view my / opponent stats.

The opponent is L10 Natasha (if that helps).
My character has only 23 health left and is poisoned and blinded.
Natasha is poisoned and terrorized and when I used Hand of Evil it did 220 damage and Natasha had only about 40 or so life left so maybe I over killed?