[REPORTED] Win tournament battle but fight doesn't end

Samsung Galaxy 9

I was expecting the pvp battle to end and be rewarded. What happened was I won the battle and the battle screen stayed. Animations continued but I could not affect anything on screen. The option to forfeit still came up but as I had won I didnt want to do that. In the end I closed the app it still counted as a loss though.

It happens sporadically when playing pvp tournament

I do not know what makes it happen as it seems to be an on off thing that doesn’t happen all the time.

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Happened to me too in pvp quick battle. I was able to do one more gem match set too after opponent was already dead, but after that had to retreat because everything was just stuck. Only thing different from previous battles was that I had lost previous battle - I don’t know whether it is connected though. Has only happened once to me so far, but I haven’t been playing long.

Is this occuring commonly?