[REPORTED] PvP glitches after after dealing killing blow

So, this has happened to me twice now. In PvP, I deal a killing blow, the opponent falls, I’m able to match the jewels one last time, then the board freezes and my only option is to retreat from the battle.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Happened a couple of times to me. Next time, I’m going to try force quitting rather than retreating to see if it gives me the victory once I reload the game.

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Good Idea. I’ll try that too.

I tried it on a PvP match. It sort of worked, in that I won the match the first time, it hung, I reloaded and the same match reloaded with the enemy on half health, but me on around 1/4 health and no mana, so I lost the second try. :frowning:

Still, a slim chance at victory is better than retreating.

Quick question from the team, did you check any alerts of notifications shortly prior to this happening, then go back into the game?

I don’t believe so, although I understand their question - this game is such a memory hog that it almost never handles switching to another app or notification well.

Certainly this most recent crash I played the PvP match straight through and then after the opponent death animation, it just stopped taking inputs and wouldn’t move on to the Victory screen.

I’m not sure. I might have just swiped down to see my notifications but I didn’t actually click/check any of them.

A very similar thing happened to me but in story mode. Here’s my bug report and definitely didn’t check or receive a notification


Didn’t record the bug happening but this was the end result:

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That is exactly the condition I experienced. Thanks for posting the video. It looks like Salty’s on the case. I’m sure they’ll have a fix soon enough.

I just experienced this myself and tried @Actreal suggestion of force quitting game instead of retreat, worked! Opponent came back with minimal health and I was able to complete battle.

I did not check alerts or notifications beforehand.

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I’ve had this happen a few more times, and I’ve found it’s worth giving the game a minute or two to load the victory screen before trying the force quit.

It seems that sometimes it takes a little while for the game to contact the server to confirm the victory and there’s no loading spinner or similar while that happens.

If it doesn’t appear after a minute or two, then force quit is your best option.

1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi yep still waiting for pvp to end.

Getting this too. sat for a few min then had to force quit the app.

My friend has to factory reset her phone if she does pvp she has a samsung
galaxy note 20 ultra.

Uh, oh… it’s baaaaaaack…

Which leads into a log-in loop resulting in a timeout message with a highly unusual “last updated” time:

Unsure what is causing the issue, as there were no PvP issues the first two days of 0.36 and my loadouts generally do not change.

I have updated our report with your screenshots @Lyrian