.37 opinion so far

The latest update is a huge step in the right direction. The game is playable again in the late stages of the story. The store is much nicer also. I like that there is now a bonus for equipping a whole set of gear. I still would like a better way to get the items needed to evolve things past epic.


.37 helps players get Citadels, lowers enemy difficulty a bit ( possibly 20 percent ) and introduces Set bonuses which are good things… BUT,

.37 unveils a negative realization… the new Store is where the important negative realization hits us… the changes of .35 and .36 have created too many new necessary Evolve items and tiered Lvling materials ( Glyphs, Relics, Weapon Shards are huge examples ) which the company itself severely limited in the game but will happily now sell to anyone who wants these items to progress. How many Glyphs and Relics had you gotten from chests in .35 and .36 ? The Devs will surely make a great deal of money now from Whales, Dolphins and others now…

But shouldn’t we feel a shadiness to these money routes when we remember the original Evolution process?

Items required 3 like items and the store would sometimes offer to sell you very random Rare and Epic Gear ( sometimes only for the real money currency of crowns ).

There are people that spent large sums of money on those deals in hopes of getting 3 of that item because it was the Only way to Evolve items and for all we knew it could continue to be the Only way, this Inventory clogging B.S. idea that they decided upon for us. They took all of that player money and then… they changed the Evolution system entirely.

Now your Item copies and Spell copies are nearly useless. Sorry ?

So, with this clarifying history about how these Devs have created these cruel problems and then greatly profit off of them…

This new Store will greedily take your money again now if you allow it… maybe they won’t change the rules of Items and Evolving again but they have greatly profited from a money grab that hurt many players and you should consider this about the Devs and PQ3’s future.

Do you trust that the Devolopers of this game Itself will Evolve PQ3 far beyond it’s current state of Repetitive and Time-consuming daily tasks ? Because .37 did not address Spell cost issues and Item balancing ( besides Set effects ) this indicates that the Devs are sticking with Higher Difficulty Time-consuming gameplay which will take most players more than 2 Hours of their day to Complete all PVE and PVP.

With update .37, will you be complacent in accepting update .36’s tedious and Time-comsuming, Difficulty permanently increased direction or will you speak out about the direction that PQ3 should go and what needs fixing like…

Citadel resets.

Item Element inventory solution.

Introducing fun multiplayer and cooperative modes.

Kingdom overhauls and activities, Please !

PQ3 could someday be phenomenal but we players should all speak out against the continued presence of the unacceptable, somewhat unrewarding, bleak, Day-consuming game that .36 is… because PQ3 is mostly still .36, the update that started infringing upon our free time far more than it should and made thousands of people consider leaving this game.


This is my biggest pain point, and I agree that it wasn’t improved in 37. If anything it takes longer to do daily things because just searching the store takes longer. Because there are “must have” items tucked into the events and daily challenges, you can’t help but feel you are putting yourself at a disadvantage by skipping them.

The trouble is that by the time you slog through all of that (and it IS a slog), you either have no more free time to play other parts you want to work on, OR you are so bored from the slog, you just want to stop playing.

As to the monetization? This is an early access game. That means every single thing in the game can change at any point. I think it’s the individual player’s responsibility to keep that in mind while deciding on purchases. Changes that “devalue” your purchases are common in mature, fully released games. In an early access situation they are pretty much guaranteed to happen. So, caveat emptor!


I have definitely experienced this. I completed my second character through the storyline shortly after .36 was introduced. My other 3 characters made almost no progress after that for many weeks because all my time was tied up in completing the dailies with my level 50s.


At this point, I’m becoming rather confident in asserting that this is actually working as intentionally designed.

On her GoW streams, Salty has said many times that player can invest time or money, in quantities that they see fit to do so. If a player wants to obtain as many resources as offered for free as possible, then there’s going to be a very significant time investment required.

And yes, the point of that time investment is meant to be very draining. The idea in games of this genre is that the grind becomes so tiresome that players concede to purchasing things with various currencies in the game’s shop to reduce the daily grind. The fact that Shop offers shift in a daily fixed rotation signals to the player exactly when they can purchase the exact resources they are looking for in the game to reduce grinding.

Agreed. Several elements of the game that are surely going to be monetized are not yet in their final state (Spells, Gear effects, possibly Pets, etc.) That said, I’m fairly confident that the Shop is now in their final form subject to perhaps minor tweaking if necessary.


I definitely see the point you are making here and agree with you on what the intent seems to be. But it still feels off. If I were (pick your favorite billionaire) and could just buy the entire shop every day, a few times over… it would arguably still feel necessary to do the slog. If that makes any sense. It doesn’t feel like there is really even a way to buy your way out of that slog.

I’m pretty optimistic that there will be some more tuning to the pace of play. Whether that comes in the form of rebalancing spells again, or trimming the number of pvp tourney battles, or some other idea, who knows? I’m also pretty confident that this tuning will be done in very small tweaks, like the small balance tweak.

Overall, I think the update to the shop was a nice improvement. There are some small interface fails I can grouse about. And I bet it’s a bit clunky on a phone screen. But it feels a lot less random, which I like. I’d still advise anyone spending RL money to remember what stage of development the game is in, and not be grabbing torches and pitchforks when changes happen. :eyes:

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