$50 for one mythic relic

Is this the end goal for the game? Make absurdly low drop rates so you can sell the items to us?

You can buy a brand new video game for fifty dollars. Heck, you could buy every puzzle quest game to date for $50!

And guess what? It is only $50 because the price is (seemingly purposefully) just shy of the $30 package. Not that I even agree with a $30 price tag for this. You could go for $35 but the way the crowns are priced you’d go for the $50 one since its better “value”.

ALSO don’t forget that you need 4 of these relics to upgrade :).

Screenshot_20210729-075141_Puzzle Quest 3

Look, I know this game is going to be nothing more than a shallow grind fest where the only real strategy to do better is to whip out your wallet. But please reconsider, for the sake of the puzzle quest name.

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