All 15 Follower Guide and Tier List

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Made an updated list for version 0.37

I put all passive followers in S tier as “Passive”, as at this point it seems more useful to place them based on ore priority.

Will go in order from top to bottom.

Guard: Just as vital as always, as he makes up nearly all the loot and storage generated in the game. Storage is still too low, but this is even more reason as to how vital he is.

Eveline: The best crafter in the game is no longer useable. Instead of generating keys and follower upgrading material, she is now reduced to crafting overpriced relics. If she was to be ranked based on her crafting capability, it is around C-F tier depending on which one is being done. The only reason she isn’t is leveling her is still required to level guard and everything else.

All Other Passives: Free loot is good.

Armorer: Due to set bonuses and the fact that Armorer covers 6 different slots, it is finally useful that he covers such a wide range of drops. Armor is also needed to retain score in things like events.

Artisan: For much of the same reason as Armorer, Artisan covers 4 slots that are now needed for set bonuses. Resistance itself is still underwhelming, but the effects on many pieces are still decent.

Locksmith: Pretty much still required to have any sanity in farming level 100 chests. Also still required if playing the game for 2 hours or less each day due to patch adding no save chest feature as well as INCREAING the cost to get some chests with marks, such as gold chests.

Weaponsmith: Weapons are still way better than spells in the current state of the game when it comes to higher rarity versions. All 15 set bonuses also all include at least one weapon.

Stable Master: Pets are still needed for running chests. It is also the only storage location that has a surplus in space, unlike gear that needs substantially more space.

Mage: Spells are still good, and having base rares in them is essentially required for every build, but they do not contribute at all to the new set bonus feature.

Runesmith: He is still completely useless due to his shard rate having never been adjusted since the salvaging system. There is no point in ever using him as a crafter.

Hunter: Not sure why runes/scrolls even exist in the game now that everything is dictated entirely by relics and glyphs.

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We could really do with the ore rate increasing.

I’m levelling followers simply because I have food available and nothing else to put it in. But far from levelling followers really making them better, they are just sitting idle most of the time.

One of the supposed big benefits of evolving followers is that they craft faster, but this just highlights the ore shortage even more. With Adhakus upgrades reduced to just 1 ore per level per hour he struggles to keep one crafter active, let alone the 8 that consume ore.

I’m not expecting to be able to run them all at the same time, but having most followers idle 90%+ of the time surely can’t be the intention here.

Increase his ore production per level.
Increase his ore production per evolve.
Make use of the Citadel to invest in mining/ore production to boost output.