Ally ability to reset items

Probably everbody hates that you cannot influence the mana color of an item, that you upgrade from uncoomon to rare. However, I can understand why the developers don’t change it.

An idea: Give an ally the ability to choose an item and the ally switches the item color into another RANDOM color.

Same thing could be provided for item attributes. The ally level defines the maximum level the item may have. This allows you to upgrade uncommon items to rare and then keep on transforming it until it has the desired color.


Being able to reroll either the colour or individual attributes would be helpful.

Finally got an Epic piece from a set I was hunting, only it dropped in the wrong colour and then had a colour boost of yet another unwanted colour.

Sadly with the lack of storage all it is currently worth is a few measly shards.

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Not sure what ally means here. But any game function set up to switch colors is a yes for me.

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I assumed ally = follower

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Yes. : )
It could be an alternative action instead of creating an item. So Torangon could reset armor etc.

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