It is possible to open gear where the ability doesn't match its color identity

I just spent 200 of my 18th alternate currency to open an ultimate chest. This is what I got:

Please change the templating for these items so the color identity of the item is the same as the ability. Otherwise this item is now a 97% chance to be shards I already have 7k of. And yes, it has to be salvaged. My inventory is full with gear that has greater potential than this item.

My first Legendary gear drop in 6 months (or more!) and it’s not very usable. The rate at which Legendarys come into the system is way too low as it is to have something like this happen.

You have the initial rush of OMG I GOT SOMETHING GOOD only to be disappointed. it drains ones will to play this game. Please. something has to give here.

You actually play this game and understand that this is a morale problem, right?


for completeness, here is the actual item:



It is possible to attain gear that has an ability that does not match the gear/weapon element.
This has been feedback we have shared with the team previously as well as discussing suggestions from the community, such as integrating a way to change these abilities with a potential new follower, updating an existing follower or a new system itself.

But nothing has been confirmed thus far.

Hey Jeto,

Thanks for the response. There are other items that are templated so their ability matches the color/element, and those don’t feel bad when it’s opened.

I think the proper fix for this ‘bug’ is to adjust the template for this (and potentially other) item so that the ability matches the element. That way, when someone opens their 1-2 Legendary gear per year, they don’t get sad and want to quit.