An Issue While Playing "Puzzle Quest"

Hello Friends,

Recently I am facing a serious issue during playing “Puzzle Quest” on Steam. I have been trying to play this game on Steam, but everytime my computer is getting freeze, after 5-10 minutes of playing the game :cry: :cry:. I cant understand is there any issue in my computer ( though my computer configuration is well) or I need to uninstall the Steam.

Has there anyone who played the game on Steam? Its very annoying, I cant handle this anymore. Has anyone else come across this problem? Please advise me to fix this problem. Thank you in advance. :pray:

I’ve never encountered this error, but quick googling shows this post. Hope it will help you.

The game isn’t yet released on Steam, so if you’re playing through Bluestacks that isn’t currently supported.

True, but while not supported on Bluestacks it runs just fine on bluestacks.

@PattieHane - what Puzzle Quest are you refering to?

This community is regarding Puzzle Quest 3 which is Android only and early access at the moment.

Maybe you are having issues with “Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords” which is on steam?