Any advantage to leveling Mutiny?

I do not log on often enough to take advantage of a reduced timer, and if Mutiny’s cost scaling is in line with other characters, the small additional % of a double craft do not outweigh the increased cost (60 gold/ore at level 1 with 1% double craft chance vs 156 gold/ore with a 35% chance to craft at 35) (my highest character is 35, which is why that’s my reference).

That means, at level 35, I would get roughly 4 tickets every 3 crafts, for a total of 468 gold/ore. At level 1, I will get 8 tickets for only slightly more (60 * 8 = 480 gold/ore), almost double the efficiency.

Is there a reason to upgrade?

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The unstated variable which makes this more difficult to answer: what is the incremental chance to craft a dungeon ticket over a skirmish ticket? Dungeon tickets have theoretically more value by allowing you to hold them and then focus on specific gear as wants arise. That number is not quantified however; in my personal experience, I have been running Mutiny regularly at Rare and most recently (for about a week) at Epic (I would estimate 3 crafts a day) and I have still not received a dungeon loot ticket.

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I’m going on vacation for a little over a week soon. Normally I run Eveline 24/7, but when I go on break running nothing but Mutiny.

She is a good follower that allows you to play the game without playing the game.

She is the only follower that has a craft that will 100% of the time will net gain gold relative to the gold put into it. This combined with the chests gives both the gold and chests required to not play the game, while still playing the game. An unleveled Mutiny cannot do that.

Also, a dungeon loot ticket is worth at least 2x a skirmish ticket just off the gold and exp gain alone, and depending on how an individual values it, 3x-5x the value of a skirmish ticket. It also gives around 3 chests instead of 1 due to the 4 stacks of marks, and that 1 chest is a specific dungeon chest.

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What’s been your experience on receiving dungeon loot tickets as opposed to skirmish tickets? As I mentioned earlier, my experience has been extremely underwhelming to date.

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I haven’t used her much to craft, but her dungeon loot ticket frequency is enough at 10+ to justify the upgrade.

Mutiny, similar to Eveline, have a weird value in that one of their most valuable gains from being upgraded is the 1 hour reduction in crafting time. Mutiny at level 1, 15, 50, or any level is never the main priority to be using to craft due to everything she gives being something that can be farmed without using resources. Meaning unless you REALLY need that chest to not have 0 chests running, it is a waste to use Mutiny at any level. The main value in her is bursting her craft very quickly on days/weeks when not playing. A 1 hour mythic craft time on Mutiny is about the same as playing an average of about 10 minutes per hour.

Ok I see what you mean, using Mutiny as a downtime filler principally

After upgrading her to rare I have exponentially increased my drop of dungeon tickets. It now seems to be every 1 in 5 crafts if not more frequently

Apparently I should complain more!