Grungli needs a buff

At level 45 Grungli, at best, will reward you with 9 Major shards, for 236 ore.

Compared to Mutiny for the same 236 ore can get you, at best, 2 Dungeon/Skirmish loot tickets. At best, those 2 can get you shards and gear/pets/spells that can be salved into shards. The best outcome is likely 50ish shards considering gear/pets/spells have a chance to have levels now.

In fact, due to the change in gear, pets, and spells having an opportunity to be leveled, they all outperform Grungli. For example, a level 15 spell will salvage into 19-23 shards with a chance to get scrolls and relics.

I suggest increasing Grungli to 5-20, with a chance to double to bring him inline with the rest of the resource generators.


Seriously, he needs a rework rather than buff. He is outperformed by bazaar deals too.

IMO he should be the one who makes evolve mats AND glyph, rather than hunter.
Hunter should get another job to do, such as produce random shards over time, same as other resource producers.


With these new changes, Grungli is the worst crafter period and should never ever be used. Just run Mutiny instead for skirmish tickets and get anywhere from 6-20+ shards per chest, sometimes more.