Grungli Max Shards Don't Increase Per Level

Not certain if this should be a “feedback” topic as I don’t recall how Grungli used to work, but as the title suggests, I’ve noticed that the maximum amount of shards Grungli can make increases once as he’s evolved (alongside the reduction of his crafting time) rather than being increased each time he levels up, at least when leveling him from 35-45.

To me, it’d make more sense if the maximum shards created increased per level instead of per evolution as that’d actually give a reason to level him, outside of getting him to the next tier. Currently (after evolving him to legendary) there is no reason for me to level him beyond 35 until I get the 15 crystals to evolve him from legendary to mythic.

Grungli was in competition with Darkhunter for the worst follower value. There is arguably no reason to level Grungli past Level 1 since you should never waste ore on him.

I’ve been using him since the… Merging of shards and relics as he typically gives more shards than what I get from the item crafters, and for a 5th (or less) of the gold, when compared with the armour and weapon crafters at least.

Certainly he seems like he could be more useful but you are better off running Mutiny over Grungli for the the value because you can get 1-2 tickets per Mutiny and will likely get more shards by using tickets on your highest value skirmish/dungeon, than what Grungli will return. However with the changes I would have to test it out again to be sure.

I’ve been spamming Mutiny as the #1 priority for a while now :slight_smile:



Grungli is intended to increase max shards by evolution, as opposed to levels.

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