Best levels for Greater Shard farming?

Hey folks!

So as you can see, I’m having a little Shard unbalance…

Right now I open lvl100 shop/scenario chests and 60/65 dungeon cheats. At first I thought the higher chest level would still give me greater shards, just more of them.

Sadly that’s not the case and rare gear is so infrequent to salvage.

As such, time to down-level. Which chest levels would be best to go for?

I can honestly say that I don’t think there is a good answer here. In my experience there is no where to truly target shards at a specific level because their randomization system seems to take in inputs like your player level and also just seeds all levels of shards across the loot table. It’s purposefully frustrating and until they change this it will continue to be a pain point for all players. Additionally, shop prices for greater shards are the twice the cost of Major Shards (the next tier up) so it feels even more purposeful that Greater Shards are being limited as a possible progression roadblock. Given that we have seen that they are committed to stopping progress as much as possible, it seems pretty reasonable that this is somewhat intended, if not by commission then by omission. The one place where you can reliably get Greaters is Kingdom Shop Deal V/VI. I know in my kingdom we have purposesly made an effort to allow the shop deal to descend from VII in order to get the opportunity every other day to buy Greaters. Not ideal but it’s something.

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Thanks for the reply, it’s both good and bad to know. :slight_smile:

Then I guess the best option is to continue how I have been playing and hope to get lucky with the shop.

Really appreciate your thorough reply. :+1:

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