Arachnophobia Settings Update

Hey all,

Here is an update on where the development team is currently at with this Arachnophobia issue currently.
This issue unfortunately cannot be resolved with a hotfix, a permanent resolution can only be pushed out with a client update, which would be the 2.2 update.

So what does that mean for right now?

We are currently testing a temporary resolution to unblock players from the game, this would involve players who are blocked to have their progress in the affected Season pushed back one battle prior to this error. No rewards will be removed or lost.
This means the battle will be replayed, and allow players to progress past this issue. This would apply to any Season that is affected.
If you reencounter this in another Season etc, the same will trigger and the battle will reset.

To this, to help avoid this continuing to occur, make sure to complete any conversations and collect the Part’s rewards before quitting the game

If this fails our testing in 2.1, we are also looking into what else we can do as the actual fix, as mentioned, is coming in 2.2.

Also, as I shared previously, we are going to be compensating for this issue. An option suggested was having the 2.1 Season in the Archive open straight away and free for the duration it has been locked currently. This will allow players to be able to complete the Season and earn any missed rewards.
But this or any other compensation won’t be finalised till a fix has been confirmed first.

There is also no need to continue sharing screenshots/reports of this issue as we have all the information needed currently. Once a fix is released, then we will take reports if this is continuing or if anything further is occurring.

Appreciate everyone’s patience while the team has been working on this issue. Hope to have a final update on this in the next 24-48 hours.

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The testing for the pre-2.2 fix has been completed and successful. The team are now working on pushing this out live today.

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Now it is working again, thank you

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All 6 archives are unlocked for me now. It appears to have worked. I will report back any problems or issues if they come up.

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All sorted for me too. Cheers!

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Following up on this today now that 2.1 is in the Archive.

Season 2.1 is now open in the archive for the next 2 weeks!

Following up on further compensation we had mentioned previously!
In addition to the Season being open for free for 2 weeks and the bonus x2 Ancient Coins for completing battles within it.

Hope to have more info back as soon as I can.