[BLUESTACKS NOT SUPPORTED] Using Blue Stacks I get reload error, over and over

I’m using BlueStacks on a PC laptop. Been working so far.

I receive a “You must upgrade to play game – restart”. I restart, I get the same error.

This happens always since the upgrade came out (which apparently I can’t load)

SIDE BUG: This page asks for a screen shot, which I tried to upload, but then I get a “sorry you can’e embed media here” error. Go figure.

CANCEL THAT – I discovered how to do the upgrade myself. Sorry for the noise.

Side bug is still a thing, tho!

Bluestacks is not supported by us, so there may be additional bugs and the game won’t run in an optimal state.

Unfortunately we cannot help with trouble shooting on Blue Stacks, as the game is not intended to be played on it. The game is only available on Android in specific regions, and only supported in them.