Update 0.37 problems

The game is installed on my android Lenovo VIBE K10 and on my home PC through the android emulator BlueStoks.
I live in Ukraine.

I have a problem with the installation of updates 0.37.

Basically the same problem that occurred to some people a month ago with installation of update 0.36 - here is a link to a similar topic

[Update problems]

The game when loading offers to make an update or do it later.

Yesterday, selecting “later” I could at least play the old version, but today it has become impossible - without an update game at the end of the download reports that it is needed.

And when trying to install updates after redirecting to google play store appears a message that the file was not found.

Today I spent half a day trying to reinstall the game or install updates using vpn but unfortunately did not get anything.
What can be done here? Maybe there is a link where I can download the installer file update? Or is it too easy?))
It would be very frustrating for me to part with the game I was waiting for so long on such a ridiculous note…

You can find latest update on 4pda

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Thank you , @VODKA , it worked!
Still, it would be good to have this fixed for the next update…