Crit % Chance Changes

You get much higher damage when you crit, the power just adds to it. It’s perfectly easy to have a build that does both.

Let’s not forget they’ve also nerfed the crit damage from treasure gems too, it’s about 25% of what it was pre-update.

All this so we buy more gems…

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And where is this info coming from? Treasure gems have always given +10% critical damage per stack of greed, and this hasn’t changed with the update…

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My extra damage levels are way lower than before the update, as is my KD score.

They’ve clearly dicked around with even more stuff and not told us.

Then maybe you should test and check where the causes are instead of just making up nerfs that don’t exist. There is already enough disappointment with the critical nerf, no need to spread false information.

Yes, they have shown us that they can make significant changes to the game without informing us. But until you truly test the issue, check its cause, are able to understand it and can unequivocally proof it, your words are nothing but baseless accusations that won’t change a thing.

If there are other unannounced changes they won’t be solved just by accusing the devs based on a feeling. Test the numbers, gather proof of it and then show it so that it can be fixed if it is a bug, or informed if it was another missed change.


So I have been playing a fair amount of the PVP with Minions active. I believe that has already fixed any issues with 100% critical chance in PvP.

I actually liked playing against fully decked out endgame players in PvP and having to be very, very careful with the board. I think the minion change has actually gone a bit too far in reducing the threat of their critical attacks.

Is the issue too many large critical hits against the Dragon or in Dungeons? If so, take a month and look at how minions have reduced damage in PvP, then roll out KD to XXX and Dungeons to XX and add minions to the levels from XXI to XXX and XI to XX. The minions can grow in level for each level and it will give some extra challenges to existing end game players without nerfing their gear. Obviously improve the awards for these harder levels to come more in line with what items are needed for endgame forging too.

I understand people probably whined about getting crushed in high level PVP, but to me, that is more of a matchmaking issue, or the expectation from the old PVP where you could just crush anyone. Heck, I just moved up to Platinum league last week because I do not PvP much. I was down in the silver leagues for a long time, and I suspect newer players that enjoy PvP did not like facing me.

I will do my best not to become annoying by posting too much on this topic, and I am really trying my hardest not to say anything that can be considered insulting to the development team. I feel like there was pressure to fix a perceived issue in PvP and with the lag time to develop the minion rollout multiple shots were fired at the same clay pigeon before the first bits of shot could hit it.

To me, roll back the 80% critical change to the 100% critical and start watching how minions impact PvP. Then if needed, adjust the impact of the minions to have the desired impact.


Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback!

We are currently in the process of grabbing it all (with the assistance of Morgs) and passing it on to the team.


Afraid not.

Waiting to see to see how many unintended consequences I suspect will manifest after the crafting update today. Crit chance is one of these.

As long as the opposing side can overcome the player’s sides minion debuffs through any combination of attributes, gear effects, or active spells, then PvP battles will end up being the same as it was before the update.

I don’t believe it will take long at all for PvP to revert back to “business as usual” after players make the needed adjustments.

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Before the update there wasn’t a crit chance cap so… It won’t be the same. Also, you show a single player’s stats, a sample of 1 not being significant to take general conclusions. As I said last time when you were telling the abundance of +100% crit chance opponents, I analised Open PvP and only 4 out of the best 10 opponents had crit chance over 70%. Let the crafting update come, wait a week to let players adjust, then battle against the top 10 with good crit nerfing minions and post the opposing crit chances to see if it is true that everything reverts back. Then we can speak about the minion changes not having an impact.


Puzzle Quest is at it’s heart a PvE game. It has some PvP slapped into it. The core mechanics of the game should not be changed for an adhoc addition to the game.

They can always add changing Auras to PvP to nerf things down in that particular section of the game. Heck there can be different tournaments with things like No Crit, Double Fire Damage, etc, and let players adjust to each version of it.

End game PvP should be very lethal. Perhaps eliminate all Citadel levels in PvP if you want it to be more fair too, only that is not fair to all those endgame players that have spent years building it.


Pushing turn 1 gear builds to 150% crit chance to make sure you have 80% after pet debuffs seems like a big investment for a format that is not hard.

PvP was much more balanced with 100% crit and no pet debuffs than it is now. Before this latest update PvP felt like walking through a mine field. It is just easy now.


Yes! Well said.

It’s easy but matches now take a lot more turns (at least for me who only had decent crit builds). Too many turns limits your score. Too many turns also makes it a chore.


Well, here is another fine example of why it takes two Devs to get a synapse.

First the so-called Spell and Gear reworks destroyed being able to choose what spell or gear piece I wanted to improve; and the rate of that improvement. The “Books” are not fun, and very hard for our new players to level up. I can not imagine coming into this game at this time and find much about it fun.

Then the so-called St Paddy’s Day debacle left me simmering.
A lot of time, resources and energy were not only lost, they were just gone. With a Dev “oh well”.

Now, without warning out the window goes crit chance. A lot of resources and time went into changing attributes to fit my gear and playing style. I doubt any cerebral amperage was expended with this event.

So we can all ying and yang about the good and bad, and definitely about the ugly, but the end result is this game is no longer fun to play. I do not consider there to be any hope the next major change will be thought through with any amount of intelligence or knowledge. What a mess PQ3 has become.



Here there is an example of why the cap has a big negative impact on player experience and joy:

Today I was doing the KD dragon with my second account and had already gone past the crit cap. 80% chance, isn’t it? Well, I had 4 non-criticals in a row that prevented me from taking the gold reward in that attempt. Yesterday something similar happened, with 3 non-crits in a row. Luckily I am strong enough to get gold rewards with the other attempts, but imagine those that aren’t.

Capping critical chance so there is always some chance to it may seem reasonable to the team. I guess it can seem innocent enough on paper, but it makes for a terrible player experience. You should really account player psychology when attempting this kind of changes, trying to guess what players will feel. There are too many times that making or failing the crit will be the difference between winning or losing the fight, and that makes missing feel terribly awful when you know you could have a 100 chance. Also, those times that the RNG decides to give several misses in a row will surely give the player the feeling that the chances are rigged.

To be honest, I still cannot help but feel upset most of the times I miss a crit, even when it doesn’t change much the outcome of the fight (although what it always does is make it last longer). This has heavily impacted my enjoyment and satisfaction when playing the game, making me experiment more disappointment outbreaks while playing than ever.


Completely agree. A lot of people are of the opinion that the devs feel too many players are winning the loot from the extra rewards, so they did this so that people would be forced to buy the stuff they missed out on, with crowns.


I’m all for balancing and in theory have no problem with the idea of having a crit cap.

But in a game where all pieces of gear often have to fit together like a delicate puzzle and min / maxing stats requires a great deal of expensive resources and / or real money, you shouldn’t roll out a change like this without a LOT of heads up that this change is coming. It certainly shouldn’t be not even mentioned in the update… that’s just not cool at all.

There have been a lot of core mechanic changes in the past few months which have, one after the other, often dashed the efforts of players’ work and long time planning.

I personally stopped spending real money ever since the spell update came because I realized that changes can and will come that can make me feel like I just burned my money and now have to start over and pay again.

I think the game should be expanding outwards instead of looking to fine tune details inwards.

eg. Simply add a new 4th pvp tournament class which has all the balancing changes you want, to crit, and whatever.

eg. New, more difficult enemies over level 100, who can have built in resistances to things like crit chance.

This leaves the core game alone and expands outward, allowing players to balance themselves and not feel, quite frankly, ripped off after spending real money chasing their desired builds.


Thanks for ruining my blue crit Buccaneer build! It was awesome when I missed a 97 skull shot in the privacy of my own game NOT in PVP. This 80% max business in the routine game is not what the game should be about it is not motivating me to play or invest more.

Can we get a fix please. What build I use, and what crazy crit percentage I want to use out side of PVP should be up to me. #nocritlimit


The more often we lose KD, the more people will spend crowns on loot.

That’s why the enemy mana drops in KD are so much higher than in normal dungeons etc.

On one the hand its a PvE game, so balancing isn’t really all that crucial, its ok to have broken stuff.

But on the other hand, critical builds were a bit unfair when compared to spell builds that are capped at 80% mana, so the devs nerfing critical hit builds does make sense from a balancing standpoint, especially for tourneys so both sides have equal footing.

You basically have till turn 2 to safely hit your win condition in most circumstances. Which is pretty doable for both (even with minion interference, at least from my experience). Critical damage builds have to score at least one critical which if their critical hit chance is 80%, that gives them a 96% success rate in terms of probability. Same with spells, you start with 80%, you’ll probably be casting on turn 2.

Minions became a little more complicated, although it really hasn’t hurt me at all. And what I especially like about it, is its made the worst minions, the Might minions, suddenly worth playing. Sluggo for example was a complete joke before the latest patch, now he’s much more of a potential star, because he’s a might minion for green. Or Undragonnete would have been a laughingstock before the changes, basically an S tier minion now. So I really especially appreciate all the nuance and strategy this has added to the minions. Its not just about slapping on 2 Lings anymore, there is actual strategy on the minions you pick now for different builds you might be running. Which is a great thing for the game.

As for the KD issues, I feel like that’s being inflated. Not saying it couldn’t have an impact, but from what I’ve seen, KD has actually gotten easier because of the gear and spell changes, and so even with the critical hit chance nerf, people that were hitting KD rewards before, are still hitting KD rewards now.