Crown offers in the kingdom bazaar

With 2 gold purchases 1 being v.i.p/1 Honor/ 4 Gem/ and the 100 crown purchase we are worried that at a 70 purchase bazaar goal we wont complete it and we havent missed a bazaar goal since gem raiders conception

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Shame we now having to waste ignots to restock, bet we the only PS kingdom with 100% bazaar completion


Happened today in the guild I am in, as well.


San can u put today’s bazaar in here plz, as this is now beyond a joke,

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Once again ignots wasted to help us complete bazaar


Sorry I thought I did this. Thanks for posting this. As we are in the same kingdom. Gem Raiders on Playstation.

Here’s one showing the kingdom we are in. I thought i posted. So this is twice over the weekend. @Jeto and @Kafka can you look into this and see why this is still happening to us. I know we’re number 1 but still this is unacceptable. Thanks


I hate both aether deals. The crown one is especially infuriating, but even the gem aether deal just isn’t practical to expect alliance members to spend 500 gems for both buys. Normally I would gift gems to make those buys, but 500 gems is a tall order. And I’m sure the armor glyph now is a dead draw for most high level players as well, so we have to make our quotas buying everything else, which isn’t always easy to do.


Heya! Looks like when this was removed and fixed, it was just in the VIP offers and was unfortunately missed in the general rewards.

Getting this resolved and pushed to live again asap.

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@Jeto if you look at my picture there was one in the Vip offers so whatever you guys did must of only fixed it fpr that day.

Don’t forget it happemed to us twice since the weekend…

Ahhhh I missed it before I replied, I’m on it - leave it with me


This has been updated again, but likely before if it is currently displaying we are not able to remove it but this fix should prevent Crown offers from appearing again in both the normal bazaar and the VIP section of the bazaar!
Thanks for your patience.

Is this a consequence of the change? Because that’s an… ummm… unique offer right there. :grin:

So what about the 2 days that we had this happen? You compensated us the first time but not this time? :thinking:

I’m catching up on one thing at a time from the long weekend.

I’ll be jumping back to talk to the devs later about this one.


@Jeto is there any word on the compensation for the guilds affected by this over the weekend?

literally writing up a reply at this moment, you have beaten me to it

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Not being greedy but i would be looking for 800 ignots as this happened on 2 extra occasions after the first compensation of 400 ignots was sent. 400 ignots as compensation and another 400 to cover what we had to use to restock to make sure we got bazaar target


Circling back to this while I can

There will be some global compensation sent out for this, as the Bazaar deals change daily we unfortunately are not able to accurately target each Kingdom, for each day, for that weekend this issue occurred again.
Also don’t want anyone who was affected by this issue to not receive something just because they aren’t active on the forums and reporting for their Kingdom.

This differs to when we sent out ingots the first time, as were able to grab the Kingdoms affected for that day before the initial fix was released.

As we are not able to send ingots via mail (as some of you have already experienced), we will be sending gems, gold and ore.