Daily Bounty display

When viewing the blank daily Bounty cards, why not try putting the four choices icons on each card with the rewards listed at the bottom of the card. This saves time for the player who only wants to select certain cards and doesn’t need to open and close unwanted bounties.

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If they could colour code those based on the value of whats inside - 10, 20 or 30 crest challenges - it would save even more time. I figure the values are already rolled, so it’s not like it’s giving an advantage, and I can go straight to any worth 30c, then any worth 20c, and pick 10c only as a last resort. Still playing the same way as now, just fewer clicks looking at 10c cards I’m not likely to bother with.

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Problem solved! :rofl:


With the patch, the Battle Pass was removed even though I still had 10 more steps to complete. Since this was a purchase, that makes no sense; you know the end date for the Pass, the update portion that removes it should be on that date. This smacks of desperation. I have loved reading your comments on the game, both in-game and on the community board. You, Brent, have made the game better.
I’m out, deleting the game.

I hear ya. I gave my assumptions about the timing in another thread just now. They are sending out the remaining rewards per the patch notes. I dont think its desperation but once again I think they have failed at communication, which is no small thing.