Please remove bounties that requires evolve stuff

It has the worst cost performance among all daily bounties, totally unworthy to do.

Suggestion: completely remove them from daily bounty pool, or only leave evolve once bounty in gold bounty.
Add some new stuff to replace, such as:

Whump!: Inflict X (element or physical) damage in a single hit.
Crafter: craft X items.
Skirmisher: complete X skirmish battle.
VIP customer: do X shop purchase.


Yep, I agree. Or make evolving something doable. The current req (3 of the SAME ITEM at the SAME LEVEL) is ridiculous, not the mention gear limits that keep you from keeping enough.

They don’t have to be the same level. Only 1 has to be leveled.

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One only gets leveled, but you need 2 additional items to do that. I haven’t done it much (because it’s insane to do) but I needed 3 items of the same level (all common, uncommon, rare…)

I understand that you need 3 of the same Rarity
They don’t have the be at the same Level
So usually you have just one at the maximum level so you can evolve it - no reason to level the other copies

Ah, yes, that I understand. My point was to evolve anything you need to take up gear space with 3 copies, which is a premium for many players. Evolving isn’t an easy option for many, yet a prevalent option in bounties.

I agree with the premise of this thread
I also am lacking clarity on what the gear limit is suppose to achieve
To be clear - I do not find gear management fun - and I question if anyone does

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The gear / spell management issue, specifically limits on space that are very inconsistent with drop rates and what is required to evolve, especially considering the multiple heroes one may want to have is the SOLE reason I am considering not playing any more. Glad to hear you agree.

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The gear limits (including spell and minion limits) seem to exist for the sole purpose of justifying the guard. Now the guard raises chest slots with rarity so it would hardly be useless without gear limits. But leveling it would seem non productive.

Having the benefit of hindsight as a player, instead of a dev, I would tie the chest slots to the Seneschal (leveling her has built in value because of the other followers) and move the keys to the guard. Then remove the gear limits, or make them more universally sane anyway.

Having to keep stopping to erase bogus gear is tedious. Having to erase good gear is annoying.

So some ideas might be:
Guard provides significantly more slots - say x2 + a bonus multiplier for each rarity
Even better would be - each Hero gets a gear loadout + a shared inventory (and guard provides more space quicker)
Levels of VIP provide +1 space (permanent) and +1 space while VIP (so total of 2 while remaining a VIP)
Or perhaps just salvage the gear limits…

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I’m not sure what you mean here.

To add more ideas…

Take the current limits and add a multiplier for each class played. Even if its something like x1.2 for two classes, x1.3 for three classes. Those small multipliers would still keep hard caps on inventory, while giving more breathing room.

The least disruptive (to the current system) would be to simply not count duplicates in the total. Example: 3 uncommon smite spells would only take up one spell vault slot.

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That sounds like a good idea

RE: Hero gets gear loadout + shared inventory
I guess it would be each item equipped on a hero would be a -1 to inventory stock level
So if every hero has the same loadout, you effectively get less overall gear space than if you have 4 Heroes with totally different gear loadouts

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Ah I get it now. And if you were using the same gear for multiple heroes, you’d theoretically need less space. Makes sense.