Extra crystals in game

So is there anything in the pipelines planned for all the extra wasted crystals we get, i know some are still used after follower hits level 50 but the rest are pointless. Especially when u pay for premium pass and u end up getting 10 crystals you no longer need, dawn circuit was 1 of my favorite adventures to replay but if there is no plan for extra crystals it seems a waste of time and gems


I suggest a very simple solution for the time being until something more elaborated can be done. Make an ability so that using crystals we can get more of whatever the follower gives. For example, you could use Brie/Adhakus/Elyrs crystals to get extra food/ore/Gold either right away or increasing the normal output during let’s say 24 hours. The same could be done for Grungli, Mutiny, Jocea and Resh, either getting one “free” instant craft or an improved craft with better rewards. Gong could maybe give extra PvP tokens, Auri give Food, ore and gold, darkhunter craft a rune/scroll of specific rank and color…


Might be better if you burned extra Gong crystals for honor currency. Disrupting a tourney with extra Gong crystal battles might get old very quickly.

Resh could give random marks for his crystals, fits his whole gambling theme.


I like it better.

Nice idea too.