[Fix Incoming] Switching characters in Story Mode

When playing story mode and looking at the map I press the switch character button, select a character that has already finished story mode and I am presented with this screen:

I would expect a screen that shows story mode complete.

Hello! @D4-TX

To help you further:

  • What story chapter were you playing? (on both characters)
  • Can I please have the characters’ player codes
  • What platform are you playing the game on?

I can reproduce the same problem:

I have three chars at chap 1, chap 11, and finished story mode, respectively. Switching between the first two works just fine but switching to the third one in story mode creates the situation. (The continue button is not clickable, so it does not really create any harm.)

player name code: FAYE_YEIR

platform: steam (Win 10)

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it

I’ve gone ahead and let the development team know about this issue and will get back to you all when there is updates.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Quick update: This fix is looking to come through in 2.0!

Interesting! Does that mean we’re skipping from 1.5.5 up to 2.0 in an upcoming update? :face_holding_back_tears: