[Fix Releasing] Pop quiz for Jeto to take to the Devs - or - Bug report

Having a little fun here to offset the frustration of spending the last hour on this…

What happens when opposing pet(s) drop your critical damage stat to 0 and you deliver a critical hit?

  • You do 100% of your normal damage.
  • You don’t crit at all.
  • You do no damage.
  • You do normal damage, but it is Bold Red!!
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Spoiler! answer and video below.

The answer is C:
You get 0!! damage because nobody bothered to look into what happens when the Critical Damage Multiplier was reduced to 0 and results in a multiplication by 0 of the entire damage equation.
Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (15)|video


I appreciate the sentiment of trying to alleviate the frustrations at the moment!
But it is so much faster for me just to scoop up all bug reports if they posted normally - thank you for the video, I’ll add it to my list for the team this morning.

Fix on the way for this one