Critical hits - how do they work?

So, whilst browsing through my character stats I see that my chance of scoring a crit is 0%, but damage bonus is 100%. One of my items refers to critical hits so I was wondering how they worked. Does it have anything to do with the large red numbers that sometimes appear during battles?
Thanks, John.

Criticals hits happen with the probability specified in critical hit chance. When you do a critical hit, you will see it because the damage numbers appear in red, as you guessed. The damage done with a critical hit is the base damage plus the critical hit damage bonus. For example, with a 100% critical hit damage bonus your critical hits will do double damage compared to normal hits, with 200% they do triple damage…

You can increase both critical chance and bonus damage through gear, spells and citadel.

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Many thanks for clearing that up. Is there a wiki type website with all things Puzzle Quest?

Not that I know. We do have a series of guides that can be accesible from this post:

We need a PuzzlePedia.


There is an ingame voice Wiki.
Its named Higure …
Chat Channel 1 from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm MEZ.
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But no lore … sorry, couldn’t resist hehe :blush:

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