[Fixed] Current Season Chapter 3 Story Repeats Itself

As reported by Lyrian 2 weeks ago Update 3.0 Patch Notes (+3.0.1 hotfix) - #125 by Lyrian The post battle dialogue after battle 10 in Chapter 3 of the current season is the same as the pre-battle dialogue. I know there has been holidays but this still hasn’t been fixed. I held off doing chapter 3 hoping it would be fixed but it hadn’t.


I reported this as well, cos I wasn’t sure if the team got to look at it with all the breaks - as the focus was on any critical issues while we had limited bandwidth - But I’ll follow that up

Trying to get this merged to 3.0.1 instead of 3.1.5

Could you post the dialogue on here in the meantime? Hidden by a spoiler of course.

The fix was actually released last night by the looks of it :eyes:

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